How many passwords do you use?

Hey guys,
How many many passwords do you use? I have about 4/5 I use, some are very short and some are very long and complex. How bout you guys?



every site…messenger program…email account …they all have different passwords…

I have one main one I use for secure stuff, like banking, shop accounts etc, that is a random collection of letters and numbers that could never be guessed. I then use a few other passwords for less important stuff (forums, sign ups etc).

Ben :slight_smile:


For work eight but at home four.

Why would i tell you that?

I use about 3 or 4.

@Mr. Belvedere

lol i didnt say u HAD to just thort wud make a nice poll :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, i was just kidding (forgot the smiley, apologies) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

heheheh, np




I have the exact number in a ZIP file, but have forgotten the password. :rolleyes:


Much the same here also…although i keep forgetting them and yes i have most written down…


1 for banking and important stuff and 1 for all other stuff

lots of them thats why i forget them :wink: would advise you to use a different one cos some unscrupilous forum administrators can put in a hack to see your password :a

I use 4, but with 4 variations of the main 4, for a total of 16 :wink:

Let’s see:

  • I have 6 programs at work which require a password
  • I’ve got 17 email-adresses
  • about 7/8 at home

I have around 30 passwords. :slight_smile:

121 (know cause still got ALL my usernames on paper, minus PWs) different PWs accross three PCs.

ALL are random complex combinations (no automated PW generator), includes numbers. letters (upper & lower case) & symbols where available, from the 255 character set like: ü Á š ì Ù ÿ. PW Length depends on how important the info is, longest is around 110 characters max, the very least from any is 12 characters.

The most important PWs, like root/admin I change regularly.

I write them all down for about 2 days & once I’ve clearly visualized the word in my mind, I’ll permanantly remember them, then I dispose of the paper PWs in a seperate tub I keep close by of drain cleaning fluid (99.8% sulphuric acid) where I immerse important paper docs into. :cop:

With a name like “VirusHack”, I feel quite comfortably sharing these inner-most secrets, you must be either very charming or a psychiatrist. :eek:
Hey, quit staring at me… judging me, I AM NOT paranoid! :a