How many optical drives in 1 case?

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I would first like to thank all the posters for the great info available on this forum. It’s been very helpful. Reviews are great, but I’d much rather hear from the end-users themselves.

My question: I have 4 drive bays left open. I am think of installing 3 optical drives, but that would mean having to place a couple of them right on top of each other. Does this radically shorten their life, due to the extra heat/lack of air flow? :confused: How tightly can you pack optical drives in a case?

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I have all four of my bays filled with opticals. As far as shortening their life spans I hadn’t really considered that but at least in my situation I don’t think it would have any effect. I never use over two at a time and never adjacent since I don’t use two on the same IDE at once.

I have 5 optical drives in mine, I have had 1 drive die and I think it was just quality/much use issue, not anything else. As long as the case is well cooled you shouldn’t have a problem, also make sure you have a good PS if your going to run all of em at once :wink:

You might want to consider a positive air flow too (more fan preasure blowing in than out). On my main computer you can feel the air flowing out of the cracks between the drives and face plates although some of that is because it uses rail mounts). It’s not going to do as good as having open space between the drives but it will provide a little air flow. Without it the heat just gets trapped and builds up.