How many on cdfreak have a computer background



I was wondering, there are alot of people giving advice about computers, software and hardware. How many people really have a computer education or background. What I mean by background is “you work repairing/administrating/programming computers as your job”

I know that alot of people are “self educated” and there´s nothing wrong with that. That´s how most of us got started.


Nope, self educated.


self educated, but managing all pc’s at my work (besides my “normal” job), and also have some clients already paying me for managing their pc’s…
gonna make myself a self-employed next year (2006) in this sector…


I work for IBM, that’s all the details I’m giving out.




I am a tier-two hardware support engineer for a data storage company. I deal primarily with tape drives + libraries, and some disk.


I did a course in electrical engineering, where I feel that it was a giant babysitting exercise for 4 years. Luckily, scholarships allowed me to not pay for what I didn’t learn.

I’ve been mucking about with computer hardware for about 1/2 my life. Starting with the time I ran a screwdriver down a ISA slot in disgust with a tandy1000 (286) while it was on, as it wouldn’t recognise an ISA joystick card. Just testing the “Electrical Isolation” that the manual declared was one of the features of the Tandy series PC’s.
A quick flick of power switch & a wet blanket later was all that was required.

Needless to say, after the smoke had cleared, I vowed never to (destructive) test vendors claims again :wink:


pretty much self-education, school sucked


i did that for 2 years at my last job until i quit because i wasn’t being compensated for it (and a whole lot of other reasons too). self-educated…lots of reading.


Self taught but now doing a IT course at college hopefully going on to build and maintanancs classes to be a technition for a school or company


I’m in last year on IT course and hopefully i finish this year…
but most things are self-education
as mr b says, school sucks


Had to take a few computer classes when I went to school for mech. engineering and took a few extras out of personal intrest. Mostly self taught (my brother has been a computer tech most of his life so that helped me learn). Still just a newbie (even after the years) compared to some people though.


Mostly self-taught. Took undergraduate CS courses (some were fun, like Algorithms and Unix OS Design; some were grossly painful, like TheoComp :Z). The only money I’ve ever made has been computer-related things that I’ve done on the side (tutoring/grading for undergrad CS courses, Unix admin, web development). The flip-side to this is that I’m burned out on CS and now looking for a life in something other than CS.


No compueter background at all, my mum and dad barely knew what a computer was untill I got her to buy me one when I was 10. Some things I wish I knew people who could teach me in person (how to hack etc), I know about 2 people who are allso good with computers.

I have ICT at school, it sucks, the teacher knows nothing. He took about 1 minute to work out how to get a hyperlink in Word to open.

Ben :slight_smile:


You should run Lite-On IT. :bigsmile:


All of the usfull stuff I know is self taught. All of the other tuff was possible learnt at uni. It may have also been in a bar somewhere as that was my uni experience. :wink:


Mostly self taught since the early 90’s upgrading an Amiga 500 from 512kb’s of ram to 1mb haha, just finished a computer builders course which enables me to start my A+ this wednesday, did the exam early and got a distinction lol, after the A+ i might look at networking of which i currently know jack about aside from setting up a router and networking a few machines a job with cisco systems maybe hahaha, i may decide to go down the microsoft certification route dont know yet, moneys not my main concern i just want to do something im interested in.


If money is not your concern, I would advice to start with the MS stuff, That way you can learn the basic of network. Cisco is alot harder.
The MCSE is good for administrating your own network/domain.

If you decide to go the MCSE, then let me know, I have it already and can tell you of some nice sites that can help.


I have a Master’s in IT …and debug programs for a living…but all the useful things I know …I learned from trial and error…


MS stuff is only for people that dont like the use their brain …
Go for Java …