How many of your posts are living room posts?

For me it’s about 40%

everybody please note that the search results are limited to 2500

Please include the statistics on User CP. :bigsmile:

From searching for Kenshin’s posts under Living Room (excluding sub-forums):

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So a little over 20%.

for you it’s 22% :slight_smile:

More than I though.

  1. So that would be 35-40%

10 - 20%
Living Room: 403

cannot determine it exactly, but since we’re @ a point, where there is no big development in (beating) software copy protections, i started posting a little bit more in the LR… :wink:

388 of 994 so 33%ish

Slight descrepency between me and Kenshin.
I guess I included News and Entertainment to and I see them as cozy little corners of the LR

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A little over 30%.

388 posts including Entertainment Talk and News forums that are technically sub-forums of Living Room.

Mine including the subforum posts:

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A little over 22.4%.

100% :o
or maybe 99,999999% because i’ve made one post in the Newbie forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm…, not my favorite forum section I see.

Less than 1%:stuck_out_tongue:

You two should start sharing posts. :slight_smile:

0-10% :stuck_out_tongue:

Total: 5180
Living Room: 377 = 7.3%
Hardware: 4334 = 84.7%

  • Optical Drives: 3741 = 72.2%
  • Firmware: 196 = 3.8%
  • Media: 374 = 7.2%
    Software: 47 = 0.9%
    Other: 422 = 8.1%

For historical reference: [thread]60192[/thread]

do i even have to bother…getting the real results?
i’ll just say 90 - 100 i have made a few posts in other forums…


/me owns a calculator

I estimated about 30%, but that’s just a recent phenonmenon of posting mostly in the Living Room. Most of mine starting out were all the hard way, with posting burn scans from my px716a

303 of 462 so 65% if im correct

You deserve one more PX-716A for free. :clap:

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