How many of you have more than 2 optical drives?



In the same system, I mean…

My 3520 is arriving today, and I’m considering installing it with my current Benq 1620 and Toshiba combo drive. I’m also considering resinstalling my old TDK cd-rw to use as a CD burner (because the tosh sucks at burning and I don’t like to use my DVD burners for anything but DVDs).

What’s the recommended setup for this? I have a SATA RAID hard drive setup so both IDE channels are open. Each DVD burner as a master?


I’ve got the following:
Primary Master = WD 100GB
Primary Slave = LiteOn SOHD-167T
Secondary Master = NEC ND-2100A@2500A
Secondary Slave = Plextor Premium
IDE RAID-1 = 2x Maxtor 80GB

Reason for putting the DVD-ROM is in case I want to do an on-the-fly copy to either the CD or DVD writer.


Decide which drives you might wish to use simultaneously from different programs, and put them on separate channels. If you’re scanning for errors, then have the scanning drive on one channel and your primary burner on the other, so you can scan and burn at the same time. You can always change your mind after you try it out.

0-0: 3500
0-1: 52327S
1-0: 3520
1-1: 1633

Firewire: 2500

I’ll probably swap the 3500 and 3520, because the 3520 is a better burner and is likely to become my primary burner.


I have 3 different burners on 3 different machines. That way I can burn on one machine, scan on another and get on with making a living on the third. It probably doesn’t make any sense these days but I don’t like the idea of two or more burners on the same machine and when burning nothing else is allowed to interfer with the burn.


I probably wouldn’t burn and scan at the same time, although I probably could.

Is there any advantage to having a source drive and a destination drive on different channels? I never burn on the fly, so everything’s written to the hard drive first anyway…


I have no trouble burning 2 discs at 8x simultaneously from different programs, or scanning and burning at the same time. I do this almost daily.


It’s more of a mental thing for me, I guess. I just remember the days of no buffer underrun protection, taking a half hour to burn a CD at 4x, etc.

My computer’s plenty fast so I’m sure it could do that. It’s just a matter of me not trying… :slight_smile:


Kids: don’t try this at home; :wink:

I’d never tried it, so I decided it was time. I did 2 simultaneous 16x burns from different instances of Nero. Didn’t really have any problems, there were a few brief under-runs when both drives got above 14x, but they completed in 6:13 and 6:15 with excellent results. Note that I was burning from a Raptor RAID-0 array, very few HD’s will keep up with such a task. CPU never got above 15%.


Mainmachine MSI845PE Max 2
Pentium4 2.66GHz
1GB DDR Corsair
Maxtor 200GB/8MB buffer
*Aopen 40x CDROM player
*Sony dru-500A dvd writer
*NEC 3520A dvd writer
Microtek Scanner
HP 7260 PhotoSmart
Iiyama Vision MasterPro 17"
first lic. XP Pro w.Integrated SP1(1-2 cpu)

Second machine Aopen AX34 Pro
Pentium3 1GHz
512MB Hynix
Maxtor 40GB
Maxtor 10GB
*Aopen 48x CDROM player
*Lite-On 40125 CD-Writer
sec.lic. XP Pro w.Integrated SP1(1-2cpu)

and I like to have another NEC…3540 :iagree:

Just crashed my first MSI815EP Pro and died.

I’m seriously happy with the NEC writers, I know I would have a Plextor716
but in the Netherlands this type is very hot, so the price stays high.
I also know that no writer is in all aspects perfect, but it is not for nothing
that also in this forum the NEC’s are getting much attention!



Put your hard drives on a pci controller card and use the motherboard ides for your optical drives or put your cd burner on firewire or usb2, they should handle any cd burning chores.


I already have my hard drives as a SATA RAID-0… they’re not Raptors but they are decent-speed 7200 rpm Hitachi drives. I haven’t benchmarked the transfer speed though.

I do also have a 400-gb Firewire RAID external box, but I know the SATA RAID is faster because the box has ATA100 drives in it.

Do you have to use separate instances of Nero? I always wondered if that “use multiple burners” options meant a concurrent burn or if it would just switch to the other drive after the first burn was done.

Looks like I’ve got some playing to do… :slight_smile:


Those are very different things. Using the multiple burner option is burning the same datastream to 2 drives at the same time, whereas separate instances is burning separate datastreams. The first case is fairly easy for a HD to deliver, shouldn’t be any problem. The second case is very difficult for the HD because it is constantly accessing 2 different files, (so access times are critical, not transfer rates). That’s where the Raptors leave all the others behind, they can multitask like crazy. Raptor access times are nearly 1/2 of a standard HD time.
For simultaneous (multiple drive) burning, you need 2 identical burners, or Nero will pause the faster drive while the slower one catches up…


Ah, I see. You mean burning 2 different projects at the same time (probably obvious but I’m a little under the weather).

What are the Raptors, something like 5 ms average? Mine are nowhere near that, at 8.5 ms. I guess that’s why you pay the premium for the Raptors…


I have 2 DVDRoms (in diff IDE channels as masters so they dont interfere with each other) and 2 burners as slaves in the DVDRoms channels. (I´m planning to put an extra ide controller for the writers)
My main windows, games and downloads is on a 160GB SATA HD and my work space for DVD’s is on a double level RAID0 4X100GB Western Digital WD1000JB.

SiSoftware Sandra DISK BENCHMARK gaved me these results
Benchmark Breakdown
Buffered Read : 89 MB/s
Sequential Read : 85 MB/s
Random Read : 22 MB/s
Buffered Write : 88 MB/s
Sequential Write : 96 MB/s
Random Write : 41 MB/s
Average Access Time : 2 ms (estimated)

This is excelent for multiple DVD Rip Sessions at once.
When get my hands on a 20 or 30 borrowed DVD’s, i put them on the HD at a rate of 2 DVD’s per 8 minutes, so i can return them to the owner very fast.


True; however, if the two projects were each placed on a seperate hard drive, then I’m sure most PCs with modern stand-alone bus mastering drives will be well up to the job. I have two ATA133 8MB cache Maxtor drives, and though I would not try it personally, I’m sure they are more than up to the task if put into such a situation, where the drive controller is taxed more than the drives themselves.

On the topic, I have only two optical drives, though I occasionally hook up my old DVD-ROM to the ATA133 controller (where I have a third Maxtor… what can I say, I love this stuff) if I need to read a lot of stuff. Optical drives are like kids, two is just right, three is not for most people, and more than that you’re on your own :wink:


I agree. They are up to the task, but there is some advantages in the raid setup.

-This way everything is transparent for the user (U just drop the DVD’s to the same place and the speed is always there).
-There is almost no drop in speed when the HD is almost full.
-With another IDE contoller it is possible to RIP 3 DVD’s at once in fullspeed (That’s 3 dual layer DVD in 8 min.!!!) or u can RIP 2 DVD’s and burn another at the same time with no drop in speed.


I used to have 2 x 74Gb Raptors in a RAID0 array, but did not find them much faster than non RAID0 - although I was not doing any multiple burning - so I sold one. I was going to replace it with a 300Mb Maxtor (16Mb cache), but I have not got around to it yet. :slight_smile:


I’m using 2x Seagate 7.7200+ 200GB hdd’s on a Adaptec 1200A RAID-controller with Raid-0. Nice Speed :iagree:

On my Motherboard I have a Nec 2510 on Primary as Primary Master and a Plextor Premium as Secondary Master. On the Secondary channel, I’m using my Aopen 1648/AAP DVD-Rom as Slave.

I can burn with the Plex and the Nec at the same time without any problems.
Ripping with Aopen and burning with the Nec is flawless too. :bow: :bow:

WinXP Pro
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (Nforce 2 Ultra)
1024MB Corsair
Athlon XP 2600+ (@2300 real)