How many hours of movie can a 4.5gigabyte dvd hold?

I just wanna know :wink:

For instance can a dvd hold as much movie time as lets say there are avi files to fit on it? Even if they blow out to 200 hours?

Definitly. The actual “lenght” of the video files have no relevance at all, it’s only the actual data size of the files that matter. A DVD only holds data, just like a hard drive.

The confusion comes from what the manufacturers write on their discs… pfff :rolleyes: - marketing nonsense.

This said, it’s almost impossible to go over +/- 3:00 without loosing a lot of quality. It depends on many factors, but there is always a limit to what compression can achieve… :bigsmile: - but that’s another story.

thanks :slight_smile:

No problem :cool: