How many HDDs can be connected to a single power line?

I want to add an additional HDD (internal). But the problem is, there is no free power cable available inside my computer. All the ones are taken. But I noticed that one cable which now powers an HDD has an extention meant for Floppy Drive. Can I use that one for connecting another HDD? Will this overload affect the drives in any way?


Not sure if there is an adapter for that, but before you do that, make sure that your PSU is good enough and that it can provide sufficient power to all your components.

Or you can buy a splitter to put on one of your used cables to split that into 2 connections.

As vroom points out you should check that your Power Supply can handle more first.

I’d expect the PSU to be able to handle the additional 10W (max) needed by the additional HDD. Otherwise, it’s defective.
Of course, a Y cable is needed. Such should be available in most computer stores.


A harddisk will very rarely need consumption beyond 15 Watts/3 Amps, unless you have some really really old hardisk. It’s no problem for most standard power supplies to connect 4 high performance harddisks.

We lost the OP at check your PSU. If your PSU is less than 300W it could be marginal, but if you have more you should be okay. Give us some Specs, tell us the Make and Model of your Computer. :cool:

It is I BALL - made in China which came with the cabinet. And the power output is 450W. There is one DVD drive, the motherboard, and four HDDs - two 320GB WD, one 80GB Samsung PATA drive, and one 1TB WD. What do you think?
This made me think about a different thing - What about using two PSUs on one computer? I have this spare one available with me. Another 450W. i have seen a few discussions on this subject, and they say it is possible. How can we do this so that when I press the power button both of them start up? Just a thought.

Though it may be possible it is not recommended.

Just buy a cheap power splitter cable and you will be fine,450W should be more than sufficient to handle 1 more HDD

Wipe the 80gb & throw it out, if you experience problems using the molex splitter.