How many Gb of Mp3's are you packin'?



As of right now I am up to about 77Gb or so with 28Gb left to convert using Tunebite. The only reason I don’t have any more is because my new external is now full (not only with Mp3’s), but I am looking forward to downloading a lot more from Napster. Is anyone else in the same boat? If so, have you noticed that once in a while during automatic mode Tunebite will skip a song, and in manual mode it will skip just about every other song? :confused:




not sure as most of mine are on CDs, there’s nothing less than 2 years old as I don’t bother now, I’d say 250 CDs give or take, whatever that works out to.
I own a lot of them legally too! I tend to buy them if I like them and it has cost a small fortune. I like the real CDs and booklets etc. I’d never spend that amount without knowing I’d like the music so I guess that’s a plus side to piracy.
I have a bit more money and less time to listen now so I buy less music. More films though…


i don’t have a single MP3!
i only have .OGG … :wink:
5 GB
and yes: this is only my legally bought music, every track / album ripped and converted and tagged by myself! :iagree:


As are mine. :iagree:


yeh, if i didn’t have a hdd-crash a year ago (my good old 40GB IBM just died… :frowning: ) i’d have around additional 35GB of music - but i didn’t find the time (and mood) to rip it all again…


Purchasing music to me seems like such a waste unless I truly want to support a band/artist. A lot of my indie stuff is out there for the taking (as in they want you to take it), along with hardcore. I don’t have a lot of mainstream music, therefore buying it isn’t exactly a problem. However, sometimes I buy a cd or two if there is a band that I cannot find on Bitorrent or IRC. I guess that is the price of liking crappy obscure bands…


I really don’t know how many I have, but I’d guess it’s in the 15-20 GB range maybe more. I’ve also got well over 200 CD’s.


Well that was a thread killer now wasn’t it . . .


I would say that I have about 2 gb. That’s it… I don’t really listen to tons of music.


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i get paranoid a lot… posting a thread in here will probably just put a target on your back… like i am now! AAHHHHH HEHEE


I don’t know… with the price of streamable music services in the $10US a month range here in the states, I’m not sure I see the wisdom anymore in downloading MP3s. One service offers 900,000 tracks on demand… They don’t have everything, of course, but they add a lot of new stuff all the time. For the price of one CD a month, it’s like having a home collection of over 30,000 CDs available instantly. When you consider I don’t have to buy CDs or use much hard drive space to store the stuff on, it’s almost as cheap as pirating music.

Of course, that means little to people who want music to carry around or listen to in their cars. I do neither, so that doesn’t mean anything to me.

As for Indie bands, which I dearly love, I miss the old Emusic, which allowed unlimited and legal downloads for $9.99 a month US. It provided a great place to download stuff I’d normally never even give a chance. Now they’re limited to 40 tracks or so a month, which I don’t think provides a lot of value.

(edited for clarity and to add a point.)


I just wish Napster could make agreements with all record labels and actually have all of the songs available for most albums. Really wanting to find that obscure album can sometimes be a challenge, and when you do you might not get to download but 1 or 2 tracks.

I usually listen to my music while I’m here at the house on my PC so as long as I can do that I guess I’m happy. But it would be nice to have a WMA/MP3 compatible head unit in my cars.


103 gigs…I work totally by myself,so my mp3 player keeps me sane.


3 gigs, mostly legal, though 400MB of radiohead is from bittorrent (but, only because radiohead is not on iTunes :a f 'em :cop: )


about 1 mb i think i dont like mp3s that much i just go out and get the cd:P


4gb - probably about 80-90% of it ripped from my own albums.


I think you’re the first person I’ve seen type that . . . :wink:


Bout 4GB. I need more, but this HDD is only 16GB :sad: Plus, I’m on a 256k connection for all the free stuff, and the internet is shared through 4 computers… So I think I’m doing quite well.

Most is ripped. I have a few albums that are downloaded, and lots of free (officially released free) stuff too :smiley: