How many games do you download in a year?

I download just about everything

65€ ($76)/month for the 512kbps DSL connection here in Greece.


i pay €35/month for my ADSL 640kbps.

last games

pro evolution 3
far cry
steel saviour

£30/$50 for asdl in the UK, 576kbps

The servers linked at may be too slow or maybe just the lines between South Korea and US are bottlenecked.

the main thing that affects the speed of downlaoding games is the upload speed of your peers, not alot of good having 3MB broadband and then having 2 dialup users to connect to , then youll get speeds of like 5kbs, for me im happy when a download is above 20kbps (i am on 576kb broadband, half megabit)