How many games do you download in a year?

Just to get an idea vs the # you buy thread :D.

demo’s or illegal?
i get a lot of demo’s per year, and few **** but i consider them also as demo, and those which i like i get the original box.

I download games only to see if my connection is still good. Never played anything, but there are people who spend too much time on games and just die there, literally. Game Bangs are still popular in South Korea and there are always new couples there. “No Smoking” signs are usually ignored.

With my PSTN connection?

None. Don’t want to spent a month online, eating up my bandwidth.

If I ever get the crappy DSL connections they sell here in Greece, then things may change… :wink:


I move to places with broader lines. PSTN’s always been more expensive than FTTH here. I used to pay as much as over US$1,000 a month for PSTN a month. I pay US$20 for 100Mbps up/down a month here. The difference of bandwidth per cost is a different time in a different place. Sometimes it’s better to build something from ground up whether it’s due to war or technological evolution, but I guess Greece is already earning 2x more than South Korea in terms of average income per capita without having to destroy most of the existing buildings and roads and creating a whole new infrastructure every few years. Just look at this island I live in now. They have destroyed the nature and existing villages in many islands near Inchon City and the sea among them just in order to create an additional airport. Thanks to the fact that nearly all things here are new, nearly all places have multiple ports for 100Mbps internet. It was one of the construction projects in Asia that just wanted to be the newest and largest at the cost of everything else.

i am having slow connection today :frowning:
usually it is above 600 Kbps (while my line should be 640 Kbps)

I win! :wink:

Just downloaded this game

Uh, no. Reality check.

Have never d/l games from P2P. Tried demos a couple of times. Don’t really like PC games. Sticking w/ my PS2 and GBA.

@Ssseth & Stoner:
what’s this site you use to test speed? > Tool > Speed Test

I know we’re getting a little bit out of topic but I just have to know.
How much do you pay for your DSL connections?

I got the $20/month for 3MB cable going on.

wow, 45 $ for 4 mbit down 128 kbit up :confused:

yo. i fort downloading gamez woz illegal and not to b discussed in forums, we dnt want cdfraks to become a warez site and get shut down. :frowning:

There are shitloads of games that are free to download. Theses are the ones i’ve downloaded in the last 12 months.
America’s Army(had this for 3 years but have to download it every few months as they update it often)
Enemy Teritory
Tribes 2
Grand Theft Auto

downloading warez is illegal. who said warez?

uuuups now i found that this is the wrong thread i wanted the other buying one

not to enough speed for downloading games :a

i mainly download demos, speedsare allways good, why bother with downloading a warez game that never works and downspeeds generaly peak at about 10kbs