How many games do you buy in a year?

Lets see… I am courious. With DOOM3 here already I was wondering in how many games do the cdfreakers invest their hard earned every year?`

I usually buy 1 game a year (max. 2), and usually receive arround 2 as gift in different ocasions. This year I have already used my quota with DOOM3 :slight_smile: and will probably receive HL2 as birthday gift from somebody.

How many games pass your buying exam per year?

I’ve just bought 10+ in the past week.

wow, this thread made me realize i havent bought a game since mario kart for the gamecube came out.

and me realize that i get more than 5 a year…

Like 2-3. I spend most of my money on music CDs and movie DVDs.

I usually spend my money on crack… just kidding.

On average, I buy half a game per year.

Not sure if ps2 games apply but i usually buy 3 or 4
Not really a big pc gamer i find more fun beating the protections…
I am expecting HL2 for the pc free with a 9600 graphics card purchase i made a while back…

I voted 2-3. I am not getting Doom3 when it comes out…too expensive. No game is worth that much money. Maybe I’ll wait until the price is knocked down or borrow it from somebody.

Most new games are FPS(which I hate) and the rest simply don’t appeal to me.

I own only 3 games and their expansions, 6 games total, and thats all I like and have, I have’t bought a game in years.

Although I often experiemnt with friends new games to see how to cope with new copy protection for kicks.

My GF is expecting me to get her The Sims 2 when it comes out. Personally, I like puzzle games coz they appeal to my intellectual side. :wink:

My mum doesn’t let me game on my computer… it ‘Stuffs up the computer’ :frowning: But I still do anyways :p. I am only playing Conquer at the moment (, which is a MMORPG (like Diablo II), and is F2P (Free2Play). So I don’t buy games. I have been playing Heroes IV though…

Me just the other way round - maybe 1 game in 5 years! The demos usually are just sufficient for me.


I’m gonna get Hot Shots Golf 4, Gran Turismo 4, and GTA LA this fall. HL2 and Doom 3 are not on my list.

“None (I don’t game!)”

Well lets say I rarely game, not enough that I will ever pay for anything. I always find free alternatives such as demo’s, freeware, beta’s etc.

Depends. I usually do not purchase games upon their release date. Doom 3 should cost about 62 euro’s when new, but i rather buy it 2nd hand or just wait for next year.

This also servers another purpose ; Not wanting to purchase a new motherboard and vga card every year.

I have just bought and recieved 2nd hand versions of Midnight Club 2 , Burnout 2 and Wolfenstein for my Xbox , each game costed me just 20 euro’s instead of 59,59 a piece new. Last year i bought the complete works of Half Life (Half Life , Counterstrike , Opposing Force and Blue Shift) for a total of 15 euro’s.

One exception last year was Broken Sword III , i just had to get that game (45 euro’s !).

This year i have bought about 15 games for my xbox , about 1 for the pc.
Last year i didn’t own a xbox yet , so i just bought about 4 or so games.

Being a game reviewer is also quite beneficial ; I never have to buy the games i review and with luck i’m usually one of the first people to get the game (or preview code) . For instance : I already have Colin McRae 2005 :slight_smile:

^^ the games i buy a year (more than 5) are not first release, i get them after they have beem released for long time.

for ex, the latest game i got (last month) was Sim City 4 deluxe, it was released long tim ago (a year or 2?).

an exception was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, as i had Prince 1 and 2 and where the best games i played, and i wanted to continue the legacy…

i will never ever get HL2 nor doom 3, i don’t like FPS games…

I buy about 5 games a year, but I only buy them for their protection! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bought XIII, because it’s protected with Tagès.

Gonna look if I can make a working copy (already thanks to Spath for this).

doom3 gives me the willies already. if you have the hardware, buy it.

/me wonders if Doom3 will also have an linux installer as Unreal Tournament 2004

Now that I’ll get to university, the first thing I’ll ask from my parents is a new pc and DSL (along with the drivers license).

Haven’t bought a game for 3 years. I think with Doom3 I’ll make an exception. :slight_smile: