How many external drives do you have connected to your PC?

Well, now I’ve done it.

With 4x HD’s & 2x optical drives + 2x 5.25" mounted devices (fan controller + Voltage controller), and only 2x 3.5" drive bays spare, I now have more 5.25" drives than I can fit in my computer. When the number of spare optical drives hit the big two (2, not that many I spose) & external enclosures fell below $20au ($16US), I couldn’t stand around and let the unused drive go to waste. Hence my beloved Liteon 48126s @ 48246s is now sitting in a USB2 external case & my poor NEC3500A is now unjustly constrained by a USB2/FW @ FW external case until I get around to swapping it out with my SOHW-812s.

That leaves a grand total of 2.
But wait! There’s still more damn you Demtel!

I also have an external 3.5" USB floppy drive sitting on top of case.

I just wonder, with 3x External cases/devices sitting on my PC, how much bigger can my little Tower of Babel reach?

Question is: How many external drives constitues your tower of Babel?

I have 2 external cases, wish I had 8 more…


I’d dump the fan and voltage controllers, or get rear pci mounts, why would you need them in the front, its a waste of space man…


not to be confused with the ‘nul’ character.

null or nil (Lisp) if you like

I have two, but only use one. Why do you need all these extra drives? My old drives all end up in my friend’s computers :wink: Don’t even have a floppy drive in my computer anymore.

None. Might be getting ex. DVD burner though…

I don’t need them, but all my friends are all avid CDFREAKS hence they have already got the best burners available, hence I have no outlet to palm off old drives :stuck_out_tongue:
Hence, I need external cases. I’m still sorta wondering what to do with my old SCSI Matsushita 7502 4x CDR (only CDR) …

The only external drive I have is my USB memory stick… does that count as well?

I think I’ll be buying two external harddrives though. One for backing up my fileserver and one to add some harddisk space to my laptop.

None,must be time to buy some more drives so i can have some externals and make it look like a movie factory :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently don’t have any external devices attached, for a simple reason: I can’t understand how I can get them to work.

For example, I was interested at the LaCie 1.6 terabyte hard drive. The price (about 2200$) made me discard it, but I couldn’t realize how it works. It uses the FireWire technology, which has a lower MB-per-second rate than IDE but a higher effective one (IDE’s 133.3 MB/s is reachable only theoretically). Do I have to buy a FireWire controller to link it to my PC ? The only IEEE 1394 compatible device I have is my soundcard. I think it won’t work with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I was/am about to have one: Freecom Classic DVD RW. Still considering. I don’t actually need it, but… well…

The 1394 device on your soundcard works seperately to the chips on your sound card, so no worries there :wink: At any rate, Firewire cards can be picked up for $20au just about everywhere these days. I can envision that in the rest of the world they’d be $5-10.

External devices will always be slower, as they have extra layers of hardware & longer transmission distances (and hence delays) to overcome. That said though, firewire is 400Mb/s = 50MB/s with usual throuputs about 35-50MB/s depending on the quality of the cables, & chips that are in your devices. Firewire has very little overhead & control is seperate to the CPU. It was designed for streaming raw video.

Compare that to USB/USB2 where the CPU has to spoon feed the damn interface. Your 480Mb/s = 60MB/s is easily halved due to the annoying overhead. Grrrrrr @ stupid USB.
USB was designed as a universal interface for many devices with very little to transmit / receive. They needed to increase the speed 20 fold because it got so popular, and then there were too many devices competing for so little bandwidth.

One. Freecom Classic DVD+/-RW Easy Burn. External. Plug and play. Really, it took 10 seconds to make it work, no problems, all my software recognizing it. As digged in a little, it turned out that behind Freecom brand hides a Toshiba drive. Tried it, burns fine.

I most recently put my old 1300a in a usb2.0 case from sweex and took it with me to work, it works very nicely under linux :iagree:

Zero external drives at the moment and still one space to fill in my tower, then maybe a fireware/usb2 case and something to put in it.

The PC I’m running right now uses “slim” design. Only one drive, the OS-installed booting HDD is inside the main case. Outside are:

WD PATA 160GB * 8
WD SATA 200GB * 2
Lite-On 1613S * 4
Samsung TS-H552B * 1
LG GSA-4120B * 1
Pioneer DVR-108 * 1
Samsung TS-H542A * 1 (Sarotech USB)
LG GSA-4082B * 1 (Sarotech USB)
FDD * 1

20 externally connected. I actually want to connect more than 100 more drives at once to this PC, without increasing cost by much.

Here’s an example of good all-aluminum external case, SMD-201UF. :slight_smile:

I have two SMD-200UF looking similar to 201UF but they are not of aluminum. Weigh too much. 201UF weighs 2.5kg. About US$110 per unit. A little over US$10 for each of the optional 3.5-inch HDD rack. Both Sarotech use Oxford chipsets.

I currectly have 1 * 750mb Zip Drive, 1 * 256mb Lextar USB Drive and somewhere but not in use a parrallel hard drive case.