How many DVD TV players do NOT support DVD-R?

Hi, I’m going to buy my new DVDRW soon. Choices are the NEC ND-3500 or the Pioneer DVR-A08. Both do not support bitsetting for DVD+R single layer. Not necessarily I need to burn my movies on DVD+R… DVD-R can be enough. But I was wondering how many (approx) DVD TV players do not support -R reading… or do they support it all? :confused:

The NEC does support bitsetting, with modded firmware.

Most DVD players support DVD-R. There are some JVC players that do not (but do support DVD+R).

The point is: I do NOT want to void my warranty by flashing it with an unofficial firmware! (which might in some cases burn out my drive)

Anyway thanks for the answer :wink:

Like I’ve told you here already, you can buy a TDK or Maddog OEM version of the drive if you don’t want to void your warranty by using modified firmware. Both companies have officially released bitsetting firmware for their drives.

P.S.: I think this must be the 48th thread you opened about which drive to buy (and the 46th I replied to, stupid me). I ask myself if you actually will buy a drive before ultra violet ray burners with quad layer, 2TB discs will hit the market…

How did you guess that ? :smiley:

Anyway I haven’t made a choice so far because I can’t find TDK/MD rebadged drives damnit! And this is not my 48th thread… it’s the 12th! :stuck_out_tongue: