How many DVD for you?

How many DVD discs (not titles) do you buy for yourself a year? Including the ones that come with magazines, DVD players, PC, and so on. If you bought five in 2000, twenty in 2001, one hundred in 2002, and will buy one thousand in 2003, choose anywhere between one hundred and one thousand.

[Edited] Correction: 1,000 => 1,000 or more

So if I have a special edition box with 1 movie and 2 extra feature discs, I should count that as three?

A colleague counted my DVDs, of which I keep track in an excel sheet, and came to 53 boxes, so that is a couple more movies (since some of them are boxes, such as the Godfather trilogy)…

All of them bought in the past 12 months…practically

A forum-friend of mine in Seoul bought a Japanese animation title for nearly 800,000 won a few weeks ago. That is what the average workers in South Korea earn for 200 hours of labor. Such titles are usually consisted of more than five DVD discs. Many US movie DVD titles such as Pearl Harbor have also more than one disc and they tend to cost more than single-disc titles. So I suggested counting the discs rather than the titles. :slight_smile:

About 5-9 (boxcount). I only bought my first not-ATAPI-DVD player (that’s nerdish for standalone;)) about 2 months ago so I did not have a chance to buy much. I probably won’t buy loads of them either, since I just watched 2 of my own DVDs yet (and 4 I borrowed from a friend)…

Besides that, I’ve got about 500 movies that I still should watch lying around the house. Yes, I’ve been busy collecting them (VHS rulez :))

Same here. In some shops, people can rent VHS movies for 300 won a copy while most DVD movies cost 20,000 won.

I have had neither VHS nor DVD player. That is, I watch movies usually only when forced by friends or girlfriends.

beta rules!!!

Laserdisc rules!!!

B&W silent movies rule!!!

Well, I have 40 regular movies on DVD that I thought are worth watching twice when I made the purchase. And a ton of euro pr0n on DVD. Yeah, them euro chicks are naaaaasty.

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Laserdisc rules!!!

Boobs rule !!!


ahh, this reminds me, I have to get more beavis and butthead dvd’s :slight_smile:

How can someone buy more than 100 DVD’s per year?!

I buy nada DVD’s per year… :wink:

@Mr. Belvedere
I have 3,8,11,12,15. They costed me in total 49 euros… Who needs to copy dvd’s when you can buy originals most of the time for less then 9 euros! :cool:

Mr. Belvedere:

Very cool program there. Think I’ll log in all my DVDs now.:bigsmile: