How many dvd coasters do you get?



I was talking to someone at work who is at the find what media your burner likes stage of the game and he seemed rather suprized that I never get coasters. I guess I never really thought about it. For a while there I was mainly just burning ricohjpnr01 as it is my favorite media, but as my stock piles of it were starting to get depleted faster than I could buy more. I now use ricohjpnr01 on my liteon 851s@832s and cmcmage01 on my 3500 and I cannot remember the last time I had a bad dvd burn (much less one that even scanned bad). I have smaller amounts of other medias but I just never wind up using them. I cannot remember the last time I updated my firmware either (why change it if it is working so well). Thier is one exception. I did get a few coasters with my aopen burner but that was trying one disk from every media I have (including crap ones) with various firmwares for posting in the aopen thread. I normally only use the aopen for cd burning and dvd reading.

So how many coasters do you get?


What’s the definition of coaster here? Unreadable by anything?


Thats a pretty good question. Maybe, skips and freezes on multiple players and or won’t play on more than one? Not having any makes it hard for me to say. Maybe won’t read on more than one drive for data dvd’s?


only had 1 so far, had another one where the first 5 minutes of the movie was missing, but the disk played fine so i dont think that would count


I think I got lucky early on. While I had my share of coasters and bought some crap media when I started, I often got imations from office max (they often ran them on sale and or would substitute them for cheaper media on sale) so I was using a lot of ricohs long before I even knew what media codes were.


Then coaster doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone since there are so many different players and drives and firmware makes some differences.


rare, but it does happen sometimes.


testing yields coasters, but when i want to be sure of a burn, i don’t get coasters :wink:


If it is then the attached scan is not from a coaster. Have just restored the data from this test disk.


I’ve had most of my coasters on the usb external benq ew162i, that Nero aborts near the end of the burn. No testing required.

When I started with poor media, I would get 5 to 10 bad per stack of 100.
(back when 89$ for 100 was a bargain).


Not lately. I have determined what media my drive(s) “like”. And I avoid those brands that proved to be unreliable with my drives.


here is the last one:
faked Verbatim MCC03:


I cannot remember the last one (outside of testing).

using my 3500 with Liggy & Dee-27`s Firmware :flower:


I guess it’s not that uncommon to get good burns every time then (once you find the media/firmware combinations that your drive likes).


The most universal acception for “coaster” is “totally unreadable on most drives”. That’s what is actually in the FAQs here by the way!

I never had a coaster :bigsmile: - but many problematic burns with marginal media!! :bigsmile:


That pretty funny. I should read the faq’s and stickies more

Bad cdfreaks member (I should be slapped). Thats actually a very good definition. I think in the back of my mind, this is what I was thinking was a coaster… If the burn is of unsatisfactory quality, you do not trust the burn, and it will not perform as specified or as you desire, it’s a coaster.
In otherwords, if you have to reburn the disk, because you do not trust the disk in question, it’s a coaster. If it is vid, and doe not play as expected, it’s a coaster. IF the disk cannot perform as specified, it a coaster and yes if I burn a movie backup, and it kind of frezzes at one point, it’s a flaming mega coaster, movies should just play through. I have to give exception to players that might not like recorded disks though. I have a koss in the bedroom, an emerson tv/dvd/vcr in the front room (not exactlly top quality and the emerson is refurbished). For me, if it plays on both pos players and on the computer withough glitches, its good. If it screws up when trying to play, I look for scratches, cause they all play, or they are coasters.


Aaaaah! With this definition, I produce LOADS of coasters! :bigsmile: - but not everyone gets THAT obsessive, rejecting all discs that give marginal burns! I really consider myself as a nevrotic person when it comes to this. :doh: - I need to work on this :bigsmile:

The problem with this definition (bad, bad member! ;)) is that it will be different for each and every person…


I’ve had a couple coasters, my definition of a coaster is if it won’t play without skipping in my 3500a (crappy reader). I had one burn puke in the middle of it, but that’s because I tried to do an on-the-fly copy of a DVD+R that had finger prints on it @ 12x!!! The source disk couldn’t be read (it was covered in really nasty greasy finger prints) in my 166s even!!! So when it tried to speed up it puked. I had another coaster when I moved some drives around in my puter and good ol windows decided PIO mode was good :rolleyes: . All of my coasters with my 3500a weren’t the drive or medias fault. I tried to burn a Ricoh JPNR01 that was from a crappy batch of TDK media @ 12x when the firmware wasn’t quite up to that, and that was an IFFY burn/borderline coaster. Those were my FIRST disks that my friend bought with his 832s (which he killed with the wrong firmware LMAO :stuck_out_tongue: ), which made a BUNCH of coasters out of the Ricoh JPNR01s. We made a whole bunch of coasters trying to figure out what was wrong with that drive!!! It went into the blinking light mode, and we flashed it back to the stock firmware using WinMTKflash, but it NEVER burned successfully after that again. So, back to Best Buy it went (it was WAAAAYYY overpriced to begin with)! Other than stupidity, I guess I’ve never had a coaster. :iagree:

Now my bonhead friend gets about 1 out of 25 burns as coasters. He will put disks in there with fingerprints all over them, and try to burn them :rolleyes: :Z :Z :Z . Then he buys CRAP media half the time, and the top and bottom disks are screwed!! The staples brand Prodisc things are TERRIBLE for that, always the top and bottom are GARBAGE! I dunno, he’s a doofis when it comes to this stuff, I’m suprised he learned how to work DVD shrink as good as he did. Teaching him Nero, and smart ripper is IMPOSSIBLE! :disagree: :rolleyes:


Never had a coaster that wasn’t my fault since I started my media research early on and didn’t invest in cheap crappy media.


I wish I could say the same. I had plenty of bad luck. I think I still have at least 100 gq disks from who knows when. I have some that has a media code sony (yea thats right, just “sony”). THat’S gotta be some damn fine media, it’s SONY!!! I cannot tell you how much I did with my liteon firmware before I got my drive where I wanted it, and left it alone. My 3500 is another story. It didn’t take much time for me to find 2fc (if I recall right), and damn if that firmware hasn’t just performed beter than exelent for me!!!