HOW many disks?

Hi all. I dunno about all you freaks but i cant resist at least 1 burn a day; it’s like an addiction.

how about u guys?

Depends, some weeks maybe only 1-3 but other weeks maybe 15 or something… So I settled for 4-6… :slight_smile:

On the average , about 1 per day.

P.S. It’s disC if you don’t mean pagan rituals where you burn floppy or harddisks :slight_smile:

I used to like it but now I dread it. It is like a time-consuming hassle.

Like say when I borrow a friend’s music CD, I am too lazy to burn it so it ends up being returned 3-5 days late. Its a terrible habit I need to get rid of, but then I’ll just blame puberty for this laziness.

Same here. Borrowed my friends Bush cd’s to copy them. It’s been about 3 weeks since he’s seen them. Laziness all the way.

about 1 - 2 a day…depends…sometimes i wont burn for a day or 2, then the next day i might spit out 20 or so.

i think 1 a day is a fair average.

My norm is about 7-15 except for yesterday when I was using all the burners in the house (3) (there were 31 burnt Sunday). Freed up a lot of space.