How many Discs?



I am using Nero BackItUp for the first time to backup my data.

The backup size is 1.03GB and I am using 4.7GB DVD’s to write to.

So far it has asked for 5 discs :a

How many is it going to use before I hit cancel and screw up the whole lot?? :sad:

Thanks, Jerry


are you sure its 1.03gb an not 1.03tb? If not write the img file to a place on your computer, then backup to a place on your hd. Then use nero burning rom to burn the img to disk. Other than that i dont know what to do.


Not seen an HD on a PC big enough for that.


It’s certainly not 1.03tB. My HD is only 250GB and it’s partitioned!

I am informed this is a problem with this version of BackItUp as it does not ask for the DVD capacity and is probably only writing a little to each DVD disk.

Simple solution was to abandon the back-up and copy the data using normal disk burn process.

Problem solved.

Thanks for the replies - even if no help :slight_smile: