How many different types of DVD9 exist?

Newbie in burning 9s here!!
A friend of mine told me that there’s 2 types of DVD9s:

  1. Double layer, which is more expensive and costs about 3 bucks each.
  2. Double sided (or something like that) which does everything that a double layer does but only costs 0.5$.
    So I wanna ask if this is true??
    Is there really any cheap way to write a DVD9? Or it will always cost 3$ each? I personally hadn’t heard about some cheap DVD9 before!!
    if there is really different ways of burning a 9 would you please give me a comparison between their pros and cons?

And also would you tell me if I burn a bootable DVD9 image to a cheap double sided DVD9, will the resulting DVD be bootable?
Thanks in advance.

i just bought a 25-pack of memorex dual layer discs for $30 at compusa

i still wouldn’t use dvd-9 unless you absolutely need to

for movies, i’d split it to two discs, or just compress a bit, and fit it onto a dvd-5

and if it’s a program/game i’d make sure the resulting backup will even work before you spend money on the discs, as a lot of newer games/apps need to be stored on the hard drive and run as a virtual disc, or they wont work at all

there are what are known as “flipper” or double sided discs.

there also also dual layer discs.

I’m not sure if they’re both referred to as DVD-9, but he’s correct in saying that they hold the same amount of data…just in different ways.

the cost of a Dual layer disc will vary depending on what country you are form, but they are nowhere near $3 each anymore. That’s a price quote from probably well over a year ago. They’re still expensive, but not quite that bad.

as far as double sided discs go I haven’t seen any available for consumer sale. I’ve only seen them on commercial video DVDs here in the US. That doesn’t mean they’re not around as writable discs…just not as common I’d guess.

a double sided disc is better thought of as 2 separate discs. I don’t think it would be bootable unless you create it so that both sides are bootable and you get a prompt to “insert disc 2” or “turn disc over.” I’m not positive on this though as I said I’ve never had any experience with writable double sided discs.

I hope that helps a little. I’m sure others will weigh in on the issue as well.

Double sided recordable discs (which, in fact, are DVD10s) do exist but your friend has the pricing of them way wrong. They are sold by by Verbatim, have a maximum burning speed of 2x and cost about $25.00 each. :eek:

Those are the cons. The only pro, if it can be called one, is that a dvd10 will hold about 8.6gb as opposed to about 8.5gb for a dvd9.

wow dvd10 I didn’t think we end users were able to get them let alone the price of them at 25.00. What is the capacity of the dvd10 and where would I go to find them or order them if end users are able to buy them? I myself use dvd+r dl media they have worked well for me on my liteon units.

Actually, I just checked and the price downunder is now only AU$20 per disc.

However, they’re much cheaper in the US. If that’s where you live, look here if you’re interested and if you click the Buy Now button you’ll see that some outlets sell them if the US for a little over US$4 per disc.

Double sided recordable discs (which, in fact, are DVD10s) do exist but your friend has the pricing of them way wrong. They are sold by by Verbatim, have a maximum burning speed of 2x and cost about $25.00 each.

That’s such a big price! I’m sure my friend mentioned a DVD9 with the price of <1$. And I’m sure in my country the price of DVD9 is around 3$. So I’m really confused. I imagine I should consider it to be a lie!! Don’t worry if he’s lying I know how to handle him!
Also thank you reasonsnotrules for your help.


DVD9 is always single sided, double layer/dual layer.
DVD10 is double sided, single layer, also known as flipper.

Yeah… IIRC we worked our way through the various disc types a while ago. :slight_smile:

Yessssssssssss. :bow:

The SEARCH function is still the most powerful option in any forum. :bigsmile:

I’m sorry.
I should’ve used the search function as I always do.
Since it was a very strange question I thought maybe no other threads about it exist.
I guess we are done here!
I appreciate all for your help.

No need to be. :bigsmile: