How many coasters do you get pt2, testing



So I asked how many coasters everyone got, and after having just responded to a thread, I thought, I wonder if thier is any coorelation, between if the person tests, thier awareness of media codes and firmwares, and how many coasters they get. This is only my second poll so sorry if the choices are not the best.
This is the original thread.
Here are a few more thoughts (or maybe just rambling)
I’m not sure if this is a casual subject that would belong in the living room or not, but I could have sworn my last one was moved from the living room to here, so I’ll post here. I forget that this info might be very helpfull to newbies as well as beginers with some experience so maybe it belongs here. So I posted a thread about how many coasters you get. The results were interesting but thier was some confusion on what a coaster was. For this poll, lets call a coaster any disk that fails to perform to your satisfaction. if it is a movie and it will not play (but your player plays burned disks fine), its a coaster. If it is data, and your disk will not read right or read right often enough or on enough or all drives, it is a coaster. I assume that those that are more picky, are more experienced and know that no burned disk exsists that all players will play/all drives will read. It may be a bad reader that is at fault, or a player that doesn’t like recorded disks. If a player won’t play most or all recorded disks, we cannot exactlly call that a coaster if it wont play on it. I have a dying dvd-rom, that wont read a lot of disks(but it still reads plenty). I know it is the drives fault.
With that said, discuss what is a coaster if you like, but for purposes of the poll, if the disk works to acceptable and good levels to you, and does what it is suposed to, it’s not a coaster.
Other: disks that scan bad but work, are marginal. Its your choice if you call them coasters or not.


I guess you cannot edit a poll but I though of another good option, so just comment on it. “I have several medias that I do not normaly use that I use for testing”, bought it and got stuck with it, or bought it out of curosity.

I actually broke a barrier recentlly. I bought media that I had good reason to believe was of poor quality, out of morbid curiosity (knowing I could return it). Before you say, buying stuff to play with the intention of returning it is wrong, it just jacks up prices for us all, realsze I believe that too. This stuff was at my work though, and special circumstances apply.
1, purchase at my work does not effect the market, it is all out of date, overpriced, clearance (obsolete, discontinued etc).
2 Nobody is buying this media, it is siting on the shelves deterorating. Half or more will wind up being thrown in the trash ( I know because I throw away hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of merchandise a nite).
I have old princo, old 4x cmc, gq media code “sony”, etc. All my crap testing medias were poor purchase from before I knew beter, except this latest, just had to see how jvc did…