How many cd's can you burn before the drive dies?

Hey guys,

i got a mitsu 4809, and i’ve always been curious about the lifespan of the laser when it comes to burning cds. I’ve checked the manufactures MTBF is 50,000 hrs POH min. But, this number is useless to me, and mileage does vary.

A friend of mine had told me that his old 8x(i don’t know what brand) did a little over a 1000 cds before it died. I’m hittin the 400 mark as we speak…

So the question i’m asking you guys is, how many cds can you burn before a cdrw drive dies? Personal testimonial would be greatly appreciated:cool: No matter what brand or what speed, tell me your story. Thanks.

Well my 4809 has got through well over 2,000 and still going strong, so I wouldnt worry just yet…


Milage varies.
My first burner (an Acer 2x) never successfully burned a CD
My Second (Creative 4x2x24x) burned 300 or so.
My 3rd (Sony CRX145e) did several hundred
my 4th (TDK 16x10x40x) burned about 700 before I sold it (still works for a friend)
Then I bought a LiteON 32x, which I sold to a friend
Now I have a 40x Liteon hacked to a 48x, going strong.

Just take it one day at a time, when it quits, it quits.

*mileage :slight_smile: (i think)

thanks for the 411 guys. As for worrying about it, I’m not worried since i got my 4809 for about $45.

I figure the next drive i’d be gettin is a dvd-r, but of course i’ll wait till that comes down to $100. And you guys all know that it’s not gonna happen any time soon.:smiley: