How many CD's can be ripped before a drive wears out?

I’ve gone through a few CD-Rom drives in the past by wearing out either the disc spindle clamp or the drawer mechanism. I don’t remember just how many CD’s I’ve ripped (usually for one to two songs) before noticing a problem, only that I stopped after seeing slight damage to a few discs after they were placed in the tray.

My main gripe is when a disc gets circular scratch lines after being ripped. I’m guessing this is from the disc itself scraping against the drive’s loading tray? Has anyone here gone through this?

I have a music collection which consists of about 3000 discs and am planning to rip them all to WAV’s. I want to make this the last time dubbing them. Plus, some titles are rare and I don’t want to risk getting them scratched (especially circular), if they haven’t been affected already.

My question here is, what’s a safe estimate on the amount of discs that can be loaded into a drive before the drive wears out? Does ripping (meaning, the disc continually spinning fast) cause faster deterioration than usual?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks.

@ derfsurf,

I have a 5-year-old LiteOn LTR-52327S that has Ripped and Burned hundreds if not a thousand CD’s and a 6-year-old LiteOn LTD-163 that has Ripped just as many CD’s and has NEVER scratched or damaged a CD.

I make it a habit to visually inspect any CD and/or DVD Media before inserting in any of my Drives to ensure that the Media is clean and free of any debris the might damage the Media or Drive.


bjkg >> Yeah, unfortunately I have a small amount of slightly scratched used CD’s which rip fine. That’s probably what’s causing things to later go wrong with my drives after awhile. I always make sure the surface is cleaned and free from debris before loading in the tray, but I guess that ain’t enough when it comes to the scratched ones. From my experience (or maybe I’m just using not so great drives to begin with).

Do scratches on a disc cause problems with air hitting it while in the drive? I have some used CD singles with outer circular scratch damage. The one drive I was using was making this problem even worse. Thankfully they’re discs with only a few songs on them.