How many CdFreaks are James Bond Fan's

Just curious to know how many CdFreaks out there are James Bond fans?

Who do you think was the best Bond?

Who do you think was the best Bond girl?

Best Bond Film?

Do you think Daniel Craig will live up to the bill in the now signed contract to do the next three Bond films?

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I do like the flims I will admit.

Best Bond is probably Connery followed by Brosnin. I do also like Moore
Best Bond girl, well for me Denise Richards :slight_smile: Her acting was magnificent. :wink:
Best Bond Film. Tough one that I can’t really answer.

Daniel Craig - Didn’t like him to begin with as he turn up not wearing the “suit” and feeling sea sick, also his answers during his first press conference where a bit non-plussed and sort of lacking bondness. Not the image that you want to begin your new Bond era. However the critics have just said that he could be the best bond EVER. Period. Everyone else can go home. So time to go and see the movie and find out I think.

  1. I’m glued to the tube whenever there is a Bond marathon

  2. Connery>Brosnin>>>Moore>>>>>>>>>>Dalton

  3. Too close to call…I think I will have to review teh evidence :cool:

  4. Goldfinger for Connery, Goldeneye for Brosnin, Live and Let Die for Moore

  5. :disagree:

Best Bond for me : Sean Connery

Best Bond girls, I guess this is going to depend on which era you were bought up in. I have three

Halle Berry - Who wouldn’t in that bathing suit.
Denise Richards - A tease
Famke Janssen ( a.k.a Jean grey in X-Men ) - Sensuous

Best Bond film for me was : A View To A kill

Will Daniel Craig cut it, will just have to wait a see

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Who is this James Bond you speak of? :wink:

Best Bond Film - Golden Eye
Fave Bond Man - Pierce in Golden Eye

Second Fave Bond Man - Sean Connery
Fave Bond Girl - Barbara Bach

Least Fave Bond - Timothy Dalton

Don’t like that they kicked out Pierce for this Blond guy. Lame.

Thing is that Pierce is getting up there in years (and to my understanding that was one of the reasons why they cut him). He is over 50 now, so it’s kinda at that point where they were going to switch him out anyways. Of course there were some other major issues but I won’t get into those. :wink:

Anyways, yes I am a bond fan and to be quite honest I can’t pick just one favorite Bond film as I have several. Favorite bond: A tie between Sean Connery and Roger Moore (I really liked Pierce as well though). Least Favorite Bond: Timothy Dalton.

I heard they cut him because he wanted a 20+ million dollar salary.

So, they went with this ugly blond guy. :frowning:

Sean Connery was my favourite …

Just from the shorts he’s a 100% better than Brosnan ever was. Brosnan was a boring James Bond and Timothy Dalton was just terrible. Sean Connery was the best

Meh. To each their own.

have you seen the trailer on here?

Brosnan actually gave his blessing to his replacement. He thought it was great that they were getting someone who could give a less “polished” look to the Bond character as that is how Ian Flemming portrayed him in his novels.

I had not read that at all. I had read that Brosnan was torqued off about being dumped, and I saw him in an interview on TV saying as much.

Got links on the quotes?

I’ll go against the majority here and say that Timothy Dalton was my favourite Bond. I have a hard time deciding between Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan as runner-up.

And no it’s not because Timothy Dalton was the first Bond I experienced - that was Sean Connery in Dr. No.

Favourite Bond Movie: GoldenEye

Favourite Bond Girl: Maud Adams followed closely by Famke Janssen

I have no idea about Daniel Craig’s longevity in the Bond role.


Totally agree-eh!

What!! Are you crazy (or possible not female) - he’s hot like crazy!

I agree - he does look good wearing shorts. Mmmmm! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Bond was still Sean Connery tho.

No direct quotes but scroll down to December:

[B]Best Bond was James[/B]
[B]I mean, Sean[/B]

Best 007 Sean Connery

Best 007 Babe Halle Berry

Best 007 Flick Live and let die

pre-reviews of Casino Royale seem favorable …