How many cd/dvds have you used in 1 day?

How many cds or dvds have you used the most in one day? for me it would be about 30 times because i was trying to figure out how to use dvd shrink nero etc… but luckily it was a dvd-rw. i soon found out my problem later though, my dvd-r drive couldn’t use dvd-rw so i bought a dvd-rw drive (cost me $60 :frowning: :frowning: ) and i burned my dvd… :bigsmile:

ive used about 90 in a day :o

Hi :slight_smile:
No idea, other than having gone through 2/3 tubs the estimate would be between 100 & 150. :cool:

50+, but with problems had as many coasters also.

I think the most I’ve gone through in a day would be about 10-20 max, when testing.

Not many :eek:

^ but I have 4 DVD Recorders and 4 DVD PC burners.

Three, possibly even four!

Feeling inadequate :o

Don’t worry, most days I burn…wait for it…none :o

Keep the faith, I sometimes have have 4 things burning at the same time, with 2 more playing.

Same here. It’s a pity because i enjoy burning and scanning so much, but i rarely find something worth to burn.

edit: I consider burning CD Speed test discs a waste of time and media. If i burn something a want to have a reason to keep the discs.

hmm, today about 30 or so (all CDS_Test_B2 :p), don’t know what was most, i guess 40-50

That’s funny, so are mine usually :eek:

@Molnart - completely agree :wink:

haha none? You should be ashamed :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I did about 60 in 1 day, between a review and personal backups, and those also included quality scans and TRT’s!

Hehe, what can I say, I’m careful now one drive has died on me :wink:

Around 60 DVD’s or so. I had 2 machines burning pretty steady one day.

There’s a lot of days like Arachne that i don’t burn anything.

About ten, testing the new firmware of my old external. Turned out that it was media related. So, the whole bundle landed in the waste-busket.


I chucked about 70 or so G05’s when I found out they were going bad so fast - as far as burning - most in one day was probably 35-40 movie backups - but now I just do 10-15 at a time (making projects outta them) -eh!

when I worked at blockbuster I had a great discount on prp (previously rented product).

if we knew we wanted to buy something we’d stick a good copy on the very top shelf where no one reaches for them then wait until we got a transfer order from rental to sale and grab that specific one and put it aside for ourselves. yay for “new” used dvds.

anyway during employee appreciation week last year (extra discount week) i must have bought like 15 dvds in one day. and backed them all up that night.

i dn’t usually do things in batches like that though since i like to print covers and everything too…it’s just too time consuming.