How many bytes can i put on a DVD for burning?


seem to have a problem. (o.k , apart from the obvious ones :-)…) i have Rar’d a decrypter rip into two RAR files for copying across to dvd-r disc.

I made the file size in RAR 4 706 074 624 bytes. Rar spilts the files in the directory i have set it to compress from over a spanned volume so i get two disks to hold say 8 Gb’s of files from my rip.

Thing is i tried to burn ONE of the resultant files to a dvd and the program i used burnt almost all the first file to disc and then wanted a second disc to finnish the first file …ie i would have ended up with three disks !! to do a two file RAR burn…hmm is that clear ?

I would have thought setting RAR to split files to the next disc at 4706074624 would have been correct.

Not so apprently. The first disc was full then the next disc would have only had 6k on it !! then it wanted a third full disc to burn the second file thus giving me 3 discs to burn two files…

so my question is what is the absolute file size a DVD-R can hold ? so i dont get this problem again. Man when i think of the HOURS i have spent RAR’ing rips and all at that size setting…now i have to go and unrar the files and reset the size for the volume in RAR and do them all over :frowning:

Is there perhaps an overhead in the burning programs that i have overlooked ?

by this i mean do the burning programs need say 5mb to setup the files on the disk ?

Since i dont have Nero or recordnow etc i did’t realise.

Anyone got any clues ??

The more i learn the more i realise how little i know


Well DVD Shrink uses 4,464 MB as a default size to make a compressed DVD video. The actual capacity of a DVD recordable is 4,482.269 MB but going too high can cause issues, hence why the program doesn’t use the full capacity.
To be safe I wouldn’t go any higher then 4,475MB per disc max.

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DVD-R actually holds 4.381 Gigs (4,704,317,440 bytes). – Sector = 2048. Standard DVD-R capacity: 2,297,888 sectors. FileSystem Overhead= 858 Sectors. (20482,297,888)-(2048858)=4,704,317,440. 4,704,317,440 bytes=approx. 4.381237 Gigs. DVD+R holds less: 4.377 Gigs (4,700,372,992 bytes with 2,295,104 Sectors).

(taken from doom9)


Hi Mls and Ssseth.

thanks for the input. Looks like i screwed up the math. Or my calulator is faulty…yeah come to think of it the calulator iS the problem…;-0

Well that confirms what i thought and explains the problem. Interesting that i am only out by 6k though…(according to how much of the data the program wanted to put on the next disc…

close but not close enough…



DVD Decrypter screenshot on a blank RitekG04 DVD-R disc.

Which incidently is exactly what the post from doom9 above said.

This doesn’t explain if the DVD+R system takes into account the fule system overhead, or if the file system overhead is different. It does say, for certain, if the file system overhead remains constant irrespective of how many files you have on the disk.

I want to create a burn partition on my hard-drive for files and it would help matters enourmously if I could have the partition taking exactly the same size as a DVD.

4.3GBt is the SAFE Size.-- Nothing Higher if you want an Excellent Burn…