How many burns for SolidBurn to "learn" media?

I’ve had my 1650 for a few days now and have already burned quite a few discs of the same media. But there are still no types showing on the SolidBurn list. Is BenQ a slow learner? :confused:

  1. Did you enable SolidBurn?
  2. If yes then there’s a “problem” in your QSuite/System/Drive and it wont list the learned media.
  3. How many burns to learn? Answer: 1.

After ONE burn, SolidBurn will be smart enough but with more burns it gets smarter. :slight_smile: Some members reported 3-4 burns and the quality will be optimal. Some others reported 5-6 burns. However if you mixed the same media (ie Verbatim Made in Taiwan with Made in India etc) then Solidburn will need to re-learn again and can cause quality problem.

Anyway, I found that the firmware’s write strategies for popular media is comparable with SolidBurn’s strategies, and I don’t need to waste 3-6 media per spindle/batch with SolidBurn enabled. That said, IMO Solidburn is really needed only if your media is questionable.

So a good practice is, try each new spindle with SB off and compare with scans found in this forum. If it’s comparable then keep the settings (SB Off). If it’s far less quality, then try enabling Solidburn.


Thanks Zevia. SolidBurn settings are default, which is turned off for supported discs and turned on for unknown discs. Does it need to be turned on for supported discs to enable learning?

Also, does it make any difference to learning if WOPC is turned on or off?

Yes it does.

Also, does it make any difference to learning if WOPC is turned on or off?
I don’t think so. SB tests jitter in the lead-out area, create learned strategy and then burn. During testing it does not take WOPC into consideration because WOPC is active only during burn.

Does SB learn or use learned strategy if OVERSPEED is enabled?

It creates a strategy for the overspeed using SB. This is because there is no firmware strat available for overspeeding most discs and the drive has to rely on SB’s self learnt strat to burn with.

No strategy at the requested speed = no burn, hence the use of SB to create one.

Thanks very much, Zevia. It all seems to be working now. :slight_smile: