How many burning proggy's?

How many can one have and which ones can be used together without conflict?

I currently have…
EZCD 5 Platinum
All work fine.:slight_smile:

using the search did wonders for me:

Only packet writing software (InCD or DirectCD) should not be mixed, besides that you should be able to install as many burning programs you like!

I understand that, but then don’t one end up with ASPI layer conflicts since not all programs use the same exactly alike?

nope, no problems. im sure futureproof could tell you better, as he has more burning programs than fingers, but i have no trouble with my 5 something, and my aspi isnt even installed correctly :wink:

I have ECDCPlatinum, Direct CD, Nero, NTI CDMaker 6, RecordNow, Feurio, DVDXCopy and CloneCD loaded. Only DXC seems to have a problem and it’s probably with DirectCD. I disable it with msconfig when I need to burn a DVD or I rip it with DXC and burn it with ECDC.

currently using clone, nero, blindwrite and cdmate. all have differnt qualities… lush blindwrite:D