How many burners in one (raid) system?


I am a lite-on fan.
I have the lite on 12 speed, 32@40 speed and last weekend I bought the 48 speed.

I am planning to install them in one system. I have a raid-0 HD system (two maxtors ATA 133 - 120G 7200 RPM).

Will it be possible to burn with all the drives at the same time?
Are there things that I need to know, such as:
master settings?
not on the same IDE cable?

Any help would be great.


This all depends on your own hardware and drivers, so the only way to know is to try. If you intend to burn to more than one drive simultaneously (multiple copies of the same thing), you will need to use software that supports this. If you intend to burn to each drive independantly at the the same time they will likely need to be located on different IDE channels, though not always.
Your best option will be to put all HD’s on a PCI controller card and leave the MB IDE for the optical drives. Nero will allow you to burn to 2 drives simultaneously (retail version only), but no more than 2. However you can open as many instances of Nero as you like and burn to an unlimited number of drives.

Based on the fact you are running a RAID 0 Array, I assume you have 2 onboard IDE connections free? If so, to get maximum speed place your 2 fastest CD Drives on different IDE channels. I wouldn’t bother with the 3rd…it seems pointless. With this setup you should be able to write 2 discs at a time @ max. speeds.


I’d also be concerned about the draw on the +12V rail. Make sure you power supply is worthy of the task or you might experience some system instabilities and random reboots. It might be a good idea to check the output on the +12Volt rail before proceeding.