How many burners are in your current rig?

How many burners are installer into your pc;at this moment?

Why did you stop at 4 :confused: I’m soon to have 7 in my new build (6 now) but i have 3 in my older machine.
Also i know some people here might have 10 in their machine.

2, plus 2 externals.

I agree, I know people on here with way more than 4 in their rigs - at least 3 with 10 :slight_smile:

7 plus 4 USB external

i got 2 burners :internal plextor px-800a and a external plextor px-755uf

Never more than one internally. As always, less is more :stuck_out_tongue: .

5 for now, used to have a external but lent it out. I love my stacker case :bow:
I like to test out the latest toys so I cycle em in and out as new hopefully better ones come out…

Yeah,my case that I’am buying in August will be a Stacker 830.I’ve got a Antec 900 right now;which is great too.I’ve got 2 internal burners.Planning to add 1 more internal and 2 external.

I got two burner in my system 20A1H and 832S.

4 DVD burners for me at the moment/IDE(S_939), until AMD AM2 board has more IDE connection. I could go for more with SATA but I settled with 4 HD instead. Speaking of AMD AM2 why do most board come with 1 IDE connection (2drives)? Any one knows? Just kinda curious.

industrys trying to phase out IDE afaik, i currently have 4 adding 5th 6th 7th end of week sometime might acutally source some external caddys though :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
6 internal & 4 external plus a cast of hundreds standing by in my wardrobe. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :bigsmile: :doh:

6 internals?What case are you using?

Well you know there’s a willing home for any of those if you get tired of them :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
In the past I had 12 internals at one point.
2 onboard IDEs plus 1 PCI controller cards with 2 IDEs on each.
6 Masters 6 Slaves.
My current setup 2 DVDRWs’ onboard IDE. 2 DVDRWs’ on PCI & 2 DVDRWs’ onboard SATA.

3 Just swap drives alot :o


In my main computer i have two dvd burners: Lite-On LH-20A1L-06C and a Benq 1650.


I have 5 desktop and three notebook computers with a total of 17 burners (internal and USB external) not counting the ones in the notebook computers. Just built a desktop unit just for burning and am in the process of checking it out. Had a desktop for burning but this one is faster. Use PCI cards (3) that add support for 4 drives, 4 USB ports and 2 firewire ports in the one card.

Not much.

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Which mobo and processor are in that rig zevia?