How many burn with a burner?



how many burn can u make with a burner like my 1633sx liteon…
100, 200, 500, or more than 500?


how long is a piece of string?


Till it quits burning


if your asking how many quality burns…well that’s another story.


most optical drives are rated for 50,000 to 100,000 hours of operation.


Regardless of the brilliant first answers above, and regardless that the issue is moot and of low relevance especially that every 3-4 months we get new models at declining low prices and every few years we get new technology/format, I suspect there should be some number, any number, that quantifies the life of a drive, mechanically or optically; Like you have for hard drives, like you have for light bulbs, like you have for jet engines. And yes, this is MTBF, so YMMV.



It is a LiteOn - so the number could be either very short or very long-

A lot depends on the LiteOn QC - and your care and feeding-

Good medias will extend the life of any drive IMO(the drives do not have to work so hard at giving a good burn)-



twice as long as half its length :wink:


alright cocky :wink:


Very true what Bigmike7 said, also if you are reading good media with the drive it will also extend the life of the drive.

On the Lite-On web site it is said MTBF (Life) 70,000 Hours so if everything goes OK and you look after your drive, you should get about 100,000 Burns.


sorry couldn’t help myself :wink:


so it is good for life, u can make thousand burns without any big problesms…
I have seen a guy telling me that his burneres did 100 burns, then he had to change of burner.

we are far away from the 100’000 hours of operation.
so my question is: how many burns have u done so far on one burner.???i am now at 50-60burns with a liteon extern…and no problem.


About 180 full burns on a 3 month old NEC 3500.


I have a 2 year old Lite-on 451s, which has been an 832s for about 6 months, and it’s got well over 1000 burns and counting.