How many burn is possible with a cd-writer?


How many cdrom can be possibly burned before laser completely wear out ? 100? 1000? ???

thanks to everybody writing “his writer model” and “number of burns”, and presenting “any info about this issue”.

I’ve got a litey 32123s@40125s and i have burnt around 600 discs so far.The drive is still going strong, no major probs.

My guess is A LOT since Lite-On does have a 70K hour operation time @ 25% load, whatever that means. I’ve had a Lite-On 24X, which did about 200 CDs. And now a 40X@48X (see sig), which did around 100 CDs also. I also had a Plextor 8x20 SCSI that also did around 200 CDs. Hmmm… that’s weird, they all did 200 CDs before I gave 'em away.

Well, from what I have understood, your writer will last longer under the condition that you use it solely for writing. This means use your CD-ROM if you have one to read the discs and only use your writer for writing. This is my understanding of the issue, however, I can’t prove that so I hope I’m not making up a bunch of information.

With my old Plex12 I have burned more than 2000 cds (still works… right now only to rip audio cds)
With my liteon32x(oc40) I have burned more than 3000 cds

No problems so far…

Well… now I have a new liteon48x (still in the box) -just in case :slight_smile:


There have been numerous reports of burning in the range of several thousand CDR’s on one drive. One important factor may be keeping the drive cool. Heat is the real wear-factor in drives. Install as many case fans as you can stand to listen to.

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Install as many case fans as you can stand to listen to.

:o Right… All you need to do is movie to canada or turn on the AC all the time. But seriously, just get a nice case w/ some 120mm panaflo low, and you’re all set. My Plextor used cook the media, but now w/ my new antec 1030 case, it’s all good. very quiet too.

i figured out the best way to cool a system, leave the case off and have a window a/c unit blow right onto the components.:bigsmile:

i could not found any site about “cd writer life”

3000 is a good number, my previous 4416s yamaha burned under “100!” before it needed calibration. I hate yamahas therefore.

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My guess is A LOT since Lite-On does have a 70K hour operation time @ 25% load, whatever that means.

I think they’re refering to the duty cycle of drive operation. 70K power on hours / 25% actual hours spent reading and writing. Plus other variables that were mentioned such as heat which will have an impact on the ultimate service life of the unit.

70K hour operation time @ 25% load

70,000 hours x 25%, that’s 17,500 hours of reading/writing.
If you only burn with the drive, no reading, and only burn at 40x speed, that’s approx. 5 min per disc including spin-up, lead-in/out, etc. So, 12 discs per hour times 17,500 is 210,000 CDR’s???

And coincidentally there just happens to be 17,520 hours in 2 calendar years. . . so after you finish burning those 210,000 discs and finally wear out your burner, you get to take a 20 hour break before starting the process over again with a new drive. . .

My idea of burnin’ in hell. . . doing that over and over again with those free AOL distribution discs, for all eternity! :eek:

hmm. My Creative 4x2x24x made about 150 before it broke, my Sony CRX145E (10x) made about 200 before it broke. My TDK 16X made about 700 before I sold it (still works), my liteon 32x made about 150 before I sold it to a friend (still works for him. I think he has made about 100 more on it) and now my liteon 40x@48x has made about 400 so far. My dad’s Plextor 16 has made about 600 so far (many times over 50 in a row)(still works).

So the only drives that I reached the limit of were the Creative and the sony. The Creative was a shitty drive to begin with. Don’t really know what went wrong with the sony, but I don’t have to care about it; I bought the Best Buy replacement plan. Because of the speed race in burners and the drastic price cuts, I got a 16x TDK and $50 back when it broke. :slight_smile:

I plan ok keeping my liteon as long as it will function, as I am very happy with the performance of the drive, as well as the write quality, so I will let you all know when it quits :bigsmile:

OOH, here’s an idea, we could try to contact one of the Thai piracy operations. They could give us some idea. :smiley: