How many browser windows/programs do you have open?

Right now, I have 5 IE windows open, plus Paint Shop Pro.

Gotta love multi-tasking…what about you guys? There must be someone with 20 open :bigsmile:

3 Tabs in Firefox/Couple MSN Messenger conversations/Adobe Photoshop.

One browser and one program. No cigar for me? :rolleyes:

one tab oppened + videolan (watching a divx).

3 tabs in ff

You caught me after closing many tabs in Internet Explorer 7:

Laptop PC:

1x IE7: 2 tabs open
5x Windows Explorer
1x NoteTab Light: 17 tabs open (No, I’m not editing all those files a.t.m.)
1x Windows Live Messenger
1x Outlook
1x UltraVNC
1x Excel

On my desktop PC (accessed thru UltraVNC):

1x SnagIt
1x SnagIt Studio
1x CDSpeed (Disc Quality scan)
5x Windows Explorer

Just fired up the little witch…
So far Photoshop, Gmail, and a Firefox cdfreaks…
but gonna burn a few data cds, and play some tweaking experiments soon.

…except I just know I´m gonna get distracted by a Frankenstein film starring Bridget Fonda…:stuck_out_tongue:

Three tabs in IE, MS Works (use it for the spelling checker cause I can’t spell worth a damn) and PS Image Ready. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe…so far Drage leads! (Unless my maths is out, which is very possible) :bigsmile:

Yeah he is the Master Multitasker.

Here; total of only eight… :o

1 DVB Viewer
1 Thunderbird
6 tabs in FF2.0 (2 in native mode and 4 in IEtab)

i have 9 in this screenshot and i also have a good few tabs open aswell in those browsers.

guys can’t multi task, so i’m lead to believe, that could just be hear say :slight_smile:

I use Maxthon and sometimes have 20+ tabs open and often have these open at the same time, or close to it.

Outlook Express
Edit Pad Classic
Microsoft Word 2000
Free Commander 2006 and/or PowerDesk 5 Pro

Of course, depending on what I’m doing, I may have a bunch of other stuff open at one time, including:

MP3 Splitter and Joiner 3.1 PRO ( I just bought the new PRO version )
AudioGrabber 1.83
RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / DVD Shrink
Rename Master 2.7.4
Sound Forge Audio Studio 8.0b
Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5
Ulead VIdeo Studio 10

Ah, I used Maxthon awhile back. Very nice little proggy, I’ll have to DL it again. :slight_smile:

You heard wrong.

The problem is that guys are thinking about sex all the time, so we are always multi-tasking and sometimes there’s no capacity for taking on additional tasks. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about installing IE7 instead?

The only problem I’ve found so far, is that I’m not as free to place additional toolbars where I want them to be as I’m used to with IE6. I’m not going back to an untabbed browser however.

Yeah, either one will do. I’ve missed my tabs for a long time, but have been too lazy to do anything about it :wink:

Maxthon 1.5.x plus IE 6 just rocks the house.

IE 7 changed the interface, so I’m not too thrilled about that.

I’m sticking with Maxthon/IE 6 probably for good. Maxthon offers tabbed browsing features better than anything IE 7 offers, plus mouse gestures, ad blocking, control over scripting, Flash, etc. and a whole lot more. Free too.

Uhh well Imma window freak-o.

Currently 10 tabs in Firefox, Explorer,PSPad, Windows Live MSN (1 chat window and the program itself - never close it to clock area :wink: ), MIRC, PGAdmin, FlyTv TVR (My capture card included TV viewer).

I’ve had more though, but with my crappy 256 MB of RAM, my PC starts to scream.

Oh dear … I’m going light today, cos I’m working off th PC :stuck_out_tongue:
I have:

Outlook express + 3 emails.
Internet Explorer x 1 window
Firefox x 1 window (single tab)
Explorer x 6 windows (Inc 1 Picture preview)
IRC x 1 window (3 tabs)
Dos Prompt x 1 (CGATE Server)
Remote Desktop Connection to the server - 1 window open (checking backup logs) + Dos prompt from FAH Terminal/service cos i haven’t restarted the server for 2 weeks.

All that, and I just got back from lunch … time to do some work :stuck_out_tongue:

Under Windows XP Professional

eMule - hundreds of files downloading
Don Quixote (similar to eMule)
Live Messenger 8.1 beta
IE 7, one tab
Encarta 2007 dictionary
Microsoft Office 2007 Excel
Windows Explorer

17 inch 1280*1024, 1GB DDR 2 RAM, HDD * 3

Though sometimes I open more than 20 or 30 IE tabs at once, and as many independent programs. It can’t too far for me to have a PC without any rotating part, all the OS and applications on DDR2/3-DRAM and all data and other things on NAND. I’ll then have hundreds to thousands of tabs and apps on each PC at once without having to worry about noise!