How many BenQ/Philips drives do you have?

I own 7: 1x DW1620, 1x DW1640, 1x DW1650, 2x DW1655, 1x DRU-810A, 1x DRU-820A

I have a Lite-On 18A1P that sometimes crossflashed to DW1800.

So how many BenQ drives do you own?

I have 2: DW1640, DW1655, like to get more but there hard to find.

I have 2X 1650…19X 1655 total 21 Drive

:stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: I own 13: 2x DW1620, 7x DW1640, 2x DW1650, 2x DW1655

I also have a Lite-On 18A1P that is also crossflashed sometimes to DW1800.

One of my DW1655 is still in the retail box for safe keeping. :bigsmile:

wow :bow:

Four real BenQs: 1655(x3) & 1640, one Sony 810A/1640, and one LiteOn 20A1H/DW2010. Had: 1620, DQ60, 1670, and Sony 820A. Dang…meant to click the 5-7 box instead of 3-4 box.

I own a 1620, 3 1640’s, a 1650, and an LH-20A1P that masquerades as a 2000 sometimes. I’ve also donated a 1620, a 1640 and a 1650 to family members.

I also had another 1620 that I threw out last year. After successfully weaning me from Plextor’s DVD burners, it put in a lot of work as my main burner for over a year and died in the line of duty. Sorry, zevia–I didn’t setup a shrine in its honor. :slight_smile:

WOW! Do you actually use all the 1655s or do you just have a lot of back-ups?

For use CD scanner next 5 year or more :bigsmile:

20A1H LiteOn
also sold 1-1620 and 1-1640 to a good friend who moved to Vegas this year. Also sold LiteOn 18A1P I think.
total of 13 at one time still have 10, I use most of them every week. All in external cases.

I dont want to tell, I am embarrassed. :o

3 -4.

1x Philips 1660 crossflashed to BenQ 1650
1x “proper” BenQ 1650
1x BenQ 1640
1x LiteOn LH-20A1H

Why embrarrassed, Alan, have you really got that many? :smiley:

Ichi, and not more. :slight_smile:
Surprising to see that so many have hamstered lots of BenQs. IMO, there are newer drives to come that are even more interesting - but the BenQs are classics and its Advanced Disc Quality test is unsurpassed for this price class.

You don’t want to know. I feel guilty but I know these are getting scarcer by the moment and I really like them. I will admit to have 4 unopened Retail BenQ DW1655s, but having said that the BenQ DW1620 is my favorite with the DW 1640 close behind. I have more of those than I do the DW1655s.:o

16~20 is quite a lot :slight_smile:

I forgot everybody could see who voted.:o

Hahahaha :wink:

Now thats funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one 1655 in an external enclosure. Seeing all these people owning multiple drives is there a BenQ cult that I am not aware of?

I had 2x 1620, one broke the other is my daughters PC.
I have a 1640 in PC2 (never used) and will be pulling it next week to make way for a fan controller.