How mandrake linux got its name



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The Mandrake is a European plant whose root resembles the human form. It was thought to have magical powers and was a favorite ingredient in alchemic formulas during the middle ages. The Mandrake is a paradoxical plant. On the one hand it has a variety of medically useful alkaloids, and on the other hand is a deadly poison.

Mandrake Linux is none of those things. Linux is a computer operating system. It is neither a root nor human shaped. It does not contain any sort of poison. So why name it Mandrake? With deeper thought it becomes apparent that there may be a subtle logic to the name.

You see, in the early 1900’s there was a comic strip created called Mandrake the Magician that was immensely popular up until the mid 1960’s. Linux, to the uninitiated, is a deep and mysterious environment. Like magic and its practitioners, myths abound about the awesome almost mystical power of it and of the “wizards” who know how to tap into its dark depths. Like the wizards of lore, Linux enthusiasts have oft been identified as outside the mainstream; privy to some terrible secret that the men in white hats seem hell bent to destroy.

So the name Mandrake reflects the magical properties OS. A kind of “If you use me, you too will be a wizard” statement. It is also a reflection of the wizardry within. Mandrake Linux, you see, makes the bold statement of “The easiest to use OS” during the initial install startup screens (which by the way is among the prettiest I have seen).


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