How make cd audio?

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What is better for copy audio cd:

Make an image of the original with clonecd and then burn.

Rip the audio cd with eac/lame to mp3 and then burn.

What is the best option?

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Rip the audio cd with EAC or Feurio! to .wav and burn with Feurio! or Nero.

The WAVs are a perfect “image” of the CD contents.
CloneCD won’t give you more accuracy, and it has disadvantages (not as good with some readers as other programs).

MP3 is a lossy format. Never use it to duplicate CDs.

Get an audio ripper.

  1. Read the tracks to WAV.
  2. Burn them with any burning program with the pauses you like and in DAO mode.

The best audio burning program is Feurio but it hides a bit this process, so maybe better start with only a ripper and then burn, in order to learn the process. EAC is the best ripper, but too difficult to configure if you’re a newbie (and slow), so better start with another thing.

Thanks to Upp3rd0G and minix.

Well now i know what a must do.

I’am going to try extrac to wave whith EAC, and then write to cd with Feurio!

I need to learn more.

Thanks very much.

I’am happy now;)


Don’t hesitate to come back for more questions.

When using Feurio!, if you’re get lost somewhat just hit F1 for an instant support there.