How low can you go in terms of quality?

When you’re deselecting extra stuff on the dvd in clonedvd, what percentage in terms of quality is a good benchmark to keep it at? How low can you go until you can notice a difference on a quality tv?

Personally i wouldn’t go more than 20-max.25 %, and when you say a good tv let’s take a plasma for example so i’d select less than i’ve mentioned.

I’m usually happy with 80% or higher. That said, the longer I do this the more I just want to jump right to the movie with out any menus or extras at all. That way, I get 100% almost every time.

After all, how many times do you want to watch the out takes from Brokeback Mountain?


there’s a thread in the “copy dvd movie” forum that’s a sticky entitled "percentage acceptable for 1 disc backup.

you should probably read that thread.

you’ll find that it’s pretty subjective. I’ve gone as low as 60% on movies i don’t really care about, but i don’t have a nice tv or anything like that…so yeah.

Quality, as in a movie copy or of the original movie, is in the eye of the beholder, a very individual thing indeed.

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I have found that once I go under approx. 52%, I will have pixel problems on the playback. I generally keep it to 60% on up.

personally i am the type that cant watch anything less the DVD quality and found that anything below 75% starts to annoy me, and i have a half decent TV

An odd thing this really, I backed up my copy of The Aviator. This being a very long film, I should have split it in to two disc’s, but at the time, I really couldn’t be bothered as I didn’t find it that good. It ended up at 68%, I would normally aim for at least 75%, but it played fine on my Panasonic DMR E85-H and Sony 42" Plasma. I was most surprised! I used Verbatim 16X +R. :smiley:

For what it’s worth, I’m finding it inceasingly common that even after stripping as much as possible, movies are consuming more and more space. 75% is common for me.

Depending on the movie type I GENERALLY like to see 80% but sometimes go as low at 70%. At that point I simply use DVD-RB Pro to reencode the movie to get the highest quality. Then again, I like one disc backups. If you really care about quality, split the disc.

it depends on the original avg bitrate of the film, a film that has a high bitrate
(around 6-8 mbs)can be compressed more without visiable artifacts.i have compressed these films to as low as 23% in order to get two films on one dvd.the quality compares to standard svcd formats but with 5.1 audio.

I find 70% is fine on my crappy Sanyo tv. Especially with recent anime dvd’s it’s not very noticeable. It’s noticeable with live action movies so I try to get at least 80%. I actually find Nero Recode handles poorly encoded dvd’s better so I’ve switched to that whenever compression is needed. It takes longer but I think it worth it.