How loud is debro's computer?

Yesterday, I decided to try out the Vantec Tornado 92mm fan as a replacement for the 120mm + 120-80mm adapter on my new athy mobile :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, the tornado doesn’t have a controller option as it runs straight from a 12V drive power connector.

Read below :expressionless:

Every increase of 10dB(A) reflects a doubling of the noise level.

:bow: Whisper = 20dB :bow:
Debro’s 120mm+80mm adapter = 26db :bigsmile:
Average Computer = 35-40dB
Average Home = 40dB
Conversation = 60dB
Debro’s TV on normal->loud setting 60dB : :bow:
Debro’s 92mm Tornado CPU Fan with the case on = 64dB :Z
Car engine @ 15m = 70dB
Industrial Dryer = 75dB
Walkman at 1/2 max volume = 94 dB
Boeing 747’s = 108dB
Debro’s 92mm Tornado CPU Fan with the case off = new definition of audible barrier required.

it sounds in my head like the banana song :bigsmile:

Return it or run it at 5V. :slight_smile:

:cop: Caution: Following post contains references to violence, sex and full frontal nudity. :cop:

Actually, :bigsmile: I have a zalman fan controller (thanks to some forethought and research) in the front of my case, and I bought a few fan headers today at the electronics store.

So tonight will be a night for some impromptu surgery (read general butchering with a pair of pliers) and some halfassed whacking of new fan header pins over the fully exposed wires!

:iagree: Butchery, whacking, exposure:iagree:

A computer should make a lot of noise… if it doesn’t, it must have broken down :smiley:

Nah just run it at a different voltage indeed, or use an automated fan controller. Some fans produce more noise when running at slower speeds btw…

To an extent, but I hate it when people talk during the news!
So having a computer which is louder than a couple of people chatting during a movie is just a tad annoying :slight_smile:

It’ll be just like a cinema, except you can’t turn around, and go nuts at the culprits :stuck_out_tongue:

And in Games, you need low noise so you can tell when someones coming, where they are coming from, possibly how big they are, and whether that last pistol round you have is gonna be enough :wink: etc hehehe …