How long?

I copied a large number of VHS videos to DVD discs.In an attempt to save some space i want to get rid of the tapes.How long should i wait before i can be fairly sure that the burned discs are good, and arent going to go bad out of nowhere?

What kind of media did you use? Did you run the burned DVD through Nero CD-DVD speed to find out the quality score, PIF and such?

Do the quality scan check and run the DVD through high speed (fast forward) and make sure the burnt files are OK then you be fine for long.

they’re all verbatim dvd-r’s, from different spindles all from bestbuy.
I would do a quality scan but i cant, samsung doesn’t support it and i
would have to buy a lite-on.

I scan with my Samsung. Two options: Kprobe 2 works (you may have to a copy of wnaspi32.dll to the installed directory) because some Samsungs use the same chips as LiteOn; or… You can use Nero CD speed, but you need to remove samsung from the forbidden list. Follow this thread: to do that.

Please run nero infotool with one of your burnt discs in the drive, and we can likely predict how many weeks it will take for all your work to disappear.

Of course, if you used reliable Taiyo Yuden, or Mitsubishi media, then it will be longer than the useful life of the DVD format :wink:

The sad truth is, those VHS tapes will probably outlast ANY burned DVD. Magnetic media in infinately more stable than optical media.


I have a 182M.I removed samsung from the block list in the registry and now i can scan.How accurate is scanning with a samsung?

Is it ok to scan a disc that i recorded on a stand-alone panasonic ES15 using CD DVD Speed or should this only be done on a disc burned on a computer??

What do you need to know from infotool? i see no relevant information in there.

I can’t let this fact hold me back, i spent to many hours recording discs and i can’t let it all go to waste…It looks like i’m going to have to buy a few 500GB drives with a few enclosures and throw everything in there to have two copies of the data.I see no other way to go about this.Now i just hope they drop the prices of these drives a bit more before i can do this… :frowning:

why don’t you watch some of the home movies or vhs to dvd backups and see?

what speed did you burn the discs at?

go through the samsung area of the hardware forum and check out some of the verbatim dvd-r scans and see…if u can’t kprobe…to be honest…i wouldn’t worry too much as verbatim dvd-r’s…imo…are fine…i use them all the time w/ no bad results

you might be better off just buying a tupperware or rubbwermaid container and storing those tapes away…why spend $200 on a HD when a storage container is much less…just keep em if your worried

Here’s 2 seperate verbatims recorded with the pana …

I think the first one didn’t come out so good cause of a fingerprint i just noticed on the disc …?

that isnt terrible…it’ll work fer sure…(2nd one)…ive got worse that play fine…that 1st one…just set your margarita on it

what speed did u record these at?

Thats with a standalone panasonic es15, not on a computer.

so im guessin that was done at 2.4x or 4x…well…i don’t think that’s terrible really…i’d be ok w/ tossin my vhs away…i have discs around 4 years old that look a sight worse in both pif and pie errors and they play fine…discs should get a life of around 50 to 70 years from what i’ve read

so they say