How long will these TY DVD-Rs last?

I needed some reliable DVD-Rs, so i thought i should play safe with TY. I bought 100 of them from BigPockets.

Their purpose is to backup important data eg: pictures, and also a less important PS2 and norton ghost function.

How long can I expect these to last without returning ureadable data? I have had problems with cheapo DVD-Rs in the past.

PS- the code on the DVD-R inner rim reads GH000172. Nero reports them as TYG03. The disc is purple on the recording side, and plain silver on the top - does anyone think they are fake? I have bought genuine TY CDs from BigPockets in the past which are serving me well ATM.

Your Taiyo Yuden DVDs are genuine.

Nobody can tell you with any certainty how long your discs will last, but if you burn them in a DVD burner that is compatible with those discs, burn the DVDs at a reasonable speed (not the maximum speed of the drive), and store the DVDs properly, they should last for years.

I wouldn’t use Datasafe for important backup. Anyway you can cut some of the price on Datasafe from svp

From the link you provide it is 8x -r. It could only be TYG02 if it was first grade media. I only got one tub of the Datasafe ones and i’d hardly call them first grade TY. Good writing quality but imperfects on all discs. Bubbles in hub at least on all discs i got.

For good backup quality get “real” TY or MCC :slight_smile:

I doubt they are TYG02 if nero recognizes his discs as TYG03 lol.

As for the original question - yes they should be fine for backups and should last a long while so long as you follow the points that Dragemester made. If you data is very important, I would recommend you also make a secondary copy onto some verbatim media just to be safe. Seeing as TY and verbatim are the two best 16x media available, they are the best choices for backing up.

theyre doing mixed batches now some are tyg02 some 03 all depends on what the order pickers pick for ure order :slight_smile:

I agree :)…they’ve gotta be TYG03 though as the hub code indicates. Marcus might be correct. :slight_smile:

And I definitely agree with cd pirate about making another backup on Verbatim, that’s exactly what I do. :iagree:

As I suspected and have mentioned before, the Datasafe TY discs are the EU equivalent of the TY Value Line discs sold in North America. Slightly less quality than the “premium” TY and mixed codes (TYG02/TYG03).

well i know 3people who ordered from there
someone got a pack with tyg03 mixed in with 02 someone else got a pack of 02 and someone got a pack of 03 with one tyg02 disk at the top and one at the bottom

A TYG03 sandwich? :bigsmile:

Yep - get “real” TY if you want to make sure which discs you get. The image you provided also showed the real TY notes (Made in Japan etc) in the box but i don’t think it comes with the Datasafe ones. I may be wrong but at least I never saw it in any other box than “real” TY and i think BigPockets use a misleading picture as well as wrong write speed it seems.

Real Taiyo Yuden should work well for some years. Mine are 2-3 years old and doesn’t show degradation in Quality Scans (or real life). Obviously i can’t tell when they stop working. Wish i could so i could make backups in time :smiley:

:bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: too funny

Theres really nothing up with the ty big pockets sell i know its not the super duper A grade stuffs but its a nice alternative to buying say 100 verbs @ like 34 quid or something i got some TYG02 from there and i have to say its been pretty damn good for 11.99 for 100

These are definitely genuine Taiyo Yuden.

The picture seems correct, but please let me know if you have anything different.

TY Picture

Also there is 12 months guarantee on these, so send any coasters back and we will replace them.

Simon @ BP :wink:

Here’s the picture from the original post (It’s not the same you link to. DATASAF022 & DATASAF095). And the page says it’s Datasafe 8x discs. Made by Taiyo Yuden. I believe they are made by Taiyo Yuden but sold to Datasafe. I think there is a difference between Datasafe TY and TY TY - at least there’s app 8£ diff in price. Last i don’t think there’s a TY sticker in top of the Datasafe TY

Have been and checked and the picture is wrong and i have changed it. :o

Changed image

The product is good and i know its from TY. :wink:

Hope that helps.


Yep - It’s a nice way to get good TY discs at a cheaper price even if it may be [B]a TYG03 sandwich[/B] :slight_smile: