How long will an USB memory stick hold data?

Does anybody have any idea how long would an USB memory stick hold data, when stored, for example in a safe?

Months, years?

I don’t have any clue how the damn things work. I know that flash memories do not need constant power, or at least not much, but i don’t know if the USB flash sticks have some condensator or accus inside, which keep the data. I just don’t think there are, since they are so small and lightweight.

I’m just thinking about the differences to diskette, when thinking long-term storage for files.

So, i think USB memory stands high magnetic fields, that diskette doesn’t? But if a diskette is in a safe(box), it will be ok for years, without handling.

So, would somebody have some real info about this, or could someone point me to the right direction about this. I haven’t seen any studies or tests about the durability and long-time data storing with usb sticks.

I haven’t seen any tests on the subject, but my AData 512MB stick is advertised to hold data for 10 years.

It will cost digital camera and camera MP3 phone companies too much if flash memory cards don’t last long. Doesn’t a USB memory stick use the same chips?

media and such are definitely gonna outlive floppies, and since they are counted to undergo constand wear and tear, as kenshin said by taking pictures and such, 10 years life expectancy is very believable, or close to it.