How long until we get a new NEC 4570 Firmware?

It is going on 8 months or so and I am wondering how long you think NEC is going to take to fix the many, many problems? I know they are slow, but is this usual for them?

I hope we get one tmr :sad:

Considering the fact that NEC has the new 1.21 firmware for the 4571 and has not released it yet, I’ll be surprised if the problem is firmware related. If it was, NEC should have focuced on releasing a new firmware right from the start. But if this is a hardware issue, releasing a new firmware will only certify it, and maybe they don’t want this to happen

NEC will never release 1.21 firmware on their site because it’s an IOData OEM firmware. So you may find it there, but NEC will only release 1.0* firmwares for this drive.

vote for never :slight_smile: but i hope that nec will have a new f/w soon.

why do you need enw firmware ? if it aint broken dont fix it.

do you think nec will release a new firmware Liggy?

Yes, I think so.

It’s broke.

8 months is incorrect, the drive only came out in late February, i was one of the very first to get this drive. None the less, it’s due a firmware update.

I have already sold my nec because I was tired to wait new firmware. I have bought a liteon and I am satisfied of it, and the official firmware support it’s fantastic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going by the firmware date, in January, and I think I said [I]going on[/I] 8 months. But if you go by the release of the drive you are right. I just had no certainty of the release date and if I posted what I thought was right there is no question in my mind someone somewhere would argue with me and have some absolute proof that it was released earlier.

I’m not familiar with the “IOData OEM firmware” term. Anyway, whatever it is, isn’t it a new, supposingly improoved firmware made by NEC?

Never, this drive will just be a reader forever.

Huh, how can I understand this statement??

If you look here:

you will see that the write strategies are exactly the same as the 1.02.

Come on Chef, you can see the humor can’t you? Haven’t you ever just relegated a bad burner to ripping and reading only? My first Liteon, the 812S, was only good for scanning and ripping as soon as I saw what my NEC 3500 would do.

the strategies are the same but the burning engine is different afaik

Maybe, but why isn’t nec using this f/w for all the 457x drives???

Maybe nothing was really changed in the actual burning part of the firmware. I guess nobody - except for NEC - knows all the differences between several firmwares in detail.

And maybe you are right Liggy :).

In what way ?