How long to write 3 DVDs using multiple drives

Hi there,

I have recently purchased 3 DVD drives 1 pioneer 110D and 2 LG GSA-4167B.

My question is how long should it take to burn 3 DVD’s at once it takes me 30 mins to burn 3 DVD’s is this right, and when I burn 1 at once it takes about 10 minuntes

I thought if I had 3 it would reduce my time but this does not appear to be the case, any chance of you rather intelligent lot trying to point me in the right direction ?

Thanks Paul

Are you trying to burn 3 dvds at the same time? In one pc?

This is only gonna cause you problems.


Yes I am burning 3 ISO’s but it takes longer than expected with no problems what soever, my question is though should it take so long with 3 DVD drives it takes approx 30 mins to write 3 DVDs.

Thanks Paul

You need to post a LOT more information. How are the drives connected and configured? What software are you using? Are you burning from one instance of the program or 3 instances?

You cannot do simultaneous burns to multiple drives from one instance of a program unless the drives are identical. Doing multiple burns from multiple programs will generally be limited to 2 burns at 4x unless you are burning each one from a different hard drive.