How long to recognize dvds on 4163b

When I put a dvdr into my 4163 it takes alot longer than my other drives to fire up and show whats there. At least 10-12 seconds is that normal.

I think mine took about 12 secs too, when tested a disc with CD-DVD Speed. Seemed pretty slow too, but i don’t have that much experience with DVD-RWs. How long does it take usually then, with other drives?

Well it goes a little faster with my other drives maybe 5-8 seconds or so. Its not a big deal, I jsut like to be sure that my money was spent on a working product, thats all.
As long as its normal I can live with it. If my drives performance is different than everyones elses than it could spell a problem, in which case I would return it ASAP.
Thats why I ask so many questions when I buy a new one.

My LG GSA-4163B (A104) also takes over 10 seconds to detect DVDs, so I doubt that you have a defective drive. If I remember correctly, someone mentioned the slow DVD detection issue in an online review, so even if you exchange for another unit, it probably won’t make a difference.

Great thanks for the heads up!