How long to get registration email?

I was just curious, since I paid this morning, how long generally it takes to get my registration number emailed when paying by a credit card?

Can’t wait to become a DVD Fab FAN!!

Look in your spam filter.:iagree:

Just got an email from Avangate saying transaction could not be finalized due to the last step in order verification “Secure Mastercard” yadda yadda.

My only other option is offline where they send me a form and I photocopy the front and back of my card and FAX to them… ouch!!

Never had this issue before with online payment.

Have others had any issues with paying?

When I bought mine Element5 was pay processor. I know some have used Regnow to pay with PayPal. I would send fengtao a PM to see if there is a better way. I have never heard of Avangate.

What version of internet explore are you using. Avangate is what is being used now and when I bought my copy of DVDFab Platium and it did not like IE 7.0 and I could not figure out what to change in the options os I had to order from my file server which still has IE 6.0. Personly I would not fax a copy of my card to anyone. Not very secure.

You can try Firefox too

Good suggestion! :iagree:

Sorry folks, been PMing with Fengtao, but I was using Firefox.

The issue I was having was at the finalizing stage it said it could not verify my card, and so the only option left was the FAX way.

Try using a prepaid Visa from Walgreens


They have those? Have you tried it?

Not with Fab but I have used them successfully on other web sites that MasterCard blocks(they claim for my protection).

OK so I just noticed all the way at the bottom of the order page a PayPal option, so chose that and all appears to be good.

Just got 2 emails and awaiting the third now for registration. Thanks EVERYONE, hopefully my experience will be a learning experience for others out there.

WOOHOO!!! DVDFab here I come!!