How long to convert avi to DVD

Was wondering how long it takes other members to convert their .avi files to DVD format? I’m converting some TV shows to DVD and would like to know if it’s normal for it to take 2 hours per episode. The .avi file size is about 350mb and I have no idea if 2 hours is too much???

How long does it take other members to convert similar files?


It rather depends on the software you’re using and the spec of your PC.

2 hours would not be that unreasonable.

I use Filmmachine with Cinema Craft Encoder and have 1.5GB of RAM and 3GHz processor.

CCE can take several hours depending on the quality settings. I guess 2 hours is average.

Not a fast one this time.
CoreDuo 6x00 with 2GB ram or more is a good choice to speed things up.

Expect at least 1hr with your hardware.

I have heard of it taking a lot longer than that. Like TimC said though, its dependant on what software and specs. Different programs will take a different amount of time, and as far as specs, it is very cpu intensive. A faster cpu is about the only thing that would speed it up. You didn’t say what generation of processor you had, but unless it is a conroe or something, that time seems to be in the right ballpark. It just takes a while.

I’d recommend buying a DVD player that plays avi files.

I got one as a gift. Phillips was selling one for around $65.

I have a couple of those and they are great (and are becoming quite common and cheap). The only thing better is an htpc (what I am using now), but that of course is a lot more expensive.

You know how you said it took you 2 hours to convert 350mb ar whatever you said? well i just converted 3.56 gb of avi files to dvd in about 3 minute. since i’m so nice… i’ll tell you what program i used “AVI to VCD/SVCD/DVD Converter 3.61” type that into google search and use the site that’s freedownloadscenter… or you know i could post the link to it… here it is.

Quickest way to do it is to download a dvd maker program

I use imtoo dvd creator

All you do is list your avi. files on it and it makes a dvd… take the dvd out and it will work on mostly any machine (i’ve still to find a machine that won’t play them, ranging from expensive to really cheap 15pounds)

p.s oh and it’s really quick too :slight_smile:

Any idea what the original file format was (use gspot to find out)?

I am not too crazy about those chinese affiliate programs
I guess I distrust the marketing and testimonials

dvd flick shows a lot of promise

Thanks for all of your advice chaps … much appreciated.
FYI, I already have a DVD player that plays .avi files but I want to convert them to DVD so I can view them at friends/familys house, as they don’t have DVD players that can play those file formats.
Also, I have Gspot but haven’t checked what type of codec etc it is but will do that tonight (am at work right now lol).
I will give the other recommended ‘avi-to-dvd’ software a go … would be interesting to see if it could speed up the process without losing out on quality.