How long to backup

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Im using ANYDVD+DVD Decrypter…I have a BENQ 1640, how long should it take to backup a full dvd9 retail dvd…My ripping speed is all over the place, and i do have riplock disabled. It just took me 12.45 to rip davechappel season 2 disk 2…is that a good time…or are me results slower then usual…

Thanks for the help as always

do have riplock disabled

This is often the cause of SLOWER ripping times, not faster. It depends on the drive and the disc, but often drives generate more errors when trying to read at higher speeds, and wind up slowing way down to correct the errors. Most drives will complete a full DL rip in less time at 12x than at 16x, and some are helpless at anything over 8x. YMMV

But in any sace, 13 min for a full DL rip is pretty good. suggest you calculate the average MB/sec and see what that works out to.