How long should it take to encode and burn?

Hi , this one might sound noobish…

I have been using DVD Shrink to back up some of my movies and it works great, but it is taking 2 hours from start to finish. Isn’t this a little long?

I have a LG GSA-4120B 12X Super Multi Internal DVD+/-R/RW Drive…

Should I be configuring something different? Should I be using different software?


how do you backup? from movies that are bigger than 4.7 GB to a single dvd?
if so, then the resizing process (reducing video bitrate and quality to make a big movie fit into a 4.7 GB dvd) takes really long time…

what are the specs of your computer (cpu, ram, etc)?

My specs are:

P4 2.0Ghz
768 Ram
200GB HD

(I’m kinda new to this stuff, so if I missed something, just let me know…)

In terms of burning, I am just backing up the movie (not the extra features…) Does that matter?

the 2 hours you mentioned aren’t 2 hours on burning on the dvd? most of it is the computer ripping and re-encoding to a lower bitrate?

as i said before, if the main movie size is larger than 4.7 GB, then a process of re-encoding should be made, and this process takes time.

i didn’t do this yet, i backed up one small movie (less than 4.7gb), just rip and burn, and it wasn’t that slow…
i have an athlon 1333, how much will it need to re-encode a movie !!! (a local magazine made a review with an athlon 900, saying it could take up to 12 hours…

I think that if you add a fast reader to you PC and use a good software it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. I have a Athlon 2000+ (1667Mhz) and 512 of Ram and I’m using a Plextor Px-116A2 as a reader and a Nec 2500A (stock 1.07) as a recorder. The software used is CloneDVD2 and recording at 4x it takes 30 minutes or less. Just yesterday I encoded the first 2 Lord of the Ring movies (something like 7,5GB each) and it took like 28/29 minutes (encoding to the disk and recording) the full process for each one. Using 8x capable DVDs or using a hacked firmware to write at 8x the full process should take 24/25 minutes.

A 2Ghz PIV with 768ram should not take so long. Something is really wrong. Check the DMA settings of the HDD and of the drive. I haven’t used DVD shrink for a while but I remember that it was slower (45 minutes). It should be related with the slow analysis setting and to the fact that it first copies the DVD content to the drive (15m), then makes the encoding (15m) and finnaly writes the DVD (14m). In the worst case scenario with DVD shrink and that computer it should take around 45minutes to do DVD copy.

What should I look for regarding the DMA? and HDD?

Like I said before I am really new to all of this…thanks…

An encode takes longer than 2 hours if you’re encoding a movie properly.

Using DVD Shrink on my Shuttle Athlon XP 2800+ with 512 mb ram, it takes about 30 minutes. I rip the disc and reencode it all in one step. It seems like the read speed of the drive is the limiting step, not the reencoding process. Recording takes 15 to 18 minutes at 4x. The times listed for a 2 GHz Pentium 4 chip definitely seem slow.

DVD Shrink doesn’t re-encode, it transcodes.

… and a smart alec doesn’t help, it shows off his dubious cleverness.

ah, i understood what you mean, converting from dvd to dvd smaller size is fast…
i tried and i had an average of 100 fps, quite good, i thought it will be worst.

what confused me was that i read a lot about converting dvd to svcd, this one should talk longer, isn’t it?