How long should it take to burn a DVD?

No, he did mean the secondary ide channel that the burner is on, if the dvd is in pio mode it would explain the very long burning times.

Ok, I stand corrected. I see now, that there is a setting to select PIO, or DMA mode for the DVD writer, as well as for the HD. I hadn’t noticed that before. Thanks for the clarification.

Nevertheless, in my case, the problem was with the HD having, somehow, gotten into PIO mode. When I switched it to DMA mode, via the instructions in post 6 above, things speeded up tremendously.

Now,I would have to conclude that if one is having speed problems, writing DVD’s, it would be a good idea to verify that both the DVD, and the HD are in DMA mode.

Also, my apologies to Anthony.1uk for suggesting that he misspoke. I’m learning as fast as I canJ

Doug D.