How long should I wait before buying?

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a DVD burner and have been for a while, but have been holding off - waiting for the price to cool and the technology to rise.

So… I’m feeling that now is the time, but is it worth waiting a bit longer?

I’m looking for high-end but don’t know when some features I’d like are due to enter the market - I guess I’m looking for an 8x or higher writer with DL capability, but I’d also like 16x, and I’ve seen signs of some SATA drives coming soon which would be nice. Does anyone know any more about this - like when there’s likely to be a 16x SATA drive with DL? Or even better - when’s the next DL level gonna be out? - ie 4x or whatever. Is there anything on the horizon I should be aware of before commiting?

Thanks for your help.

i haven’t heard of the 16x coming out soon (in Aussie land), but i find the longer you put stuff off, the more you tend to wait for the new technology, dvd burners are starting to come to a halt!! theres not much more you can do with a PC dvd burner. but most of the top range dvd burners will suit your needs, i reckon depending on where you live, you should decide what type of media you will buy and availbility! coz DL wont be cheap for a while!!!


If it were me id wait for the benq 1630 16x and dual layer. but 16x dvds and dual layer dvds are not very available or really expensive. so you may just want to get a cheaper 8x dvd burner for now to tide you over…liteons, benq, nec, or pioneer are all good…liteons and benq being on the top of my list.

Trust Me, You don’t want a LiteOn Dvd Writer. Anything but that.

LOL you got to be kidding right?? the only reason you dont like the liteons from your other posts i read is becuase your using subpar media to burn with…friend buy some good media and the liteons will shine…plus you can test your burns with them. :wink:

Waiting for prices to get down and technology to rise = waiting to infinity…
when you feel the need for something, get it now… because in all cases, with all technology things, after few months it will become obselete…

i don’t think Anything is better than liteon… most other brands are much worse than liteon (if liteon is bad), the only Anything par with liteon is Nec…

I’m personally holding out for those Lightscribe-enabled burners that were supposed to be out this summer. Haven’t heard anything lately about them though, but I’m guessing they will arrive late Q3 or early Q4. If they don’t I might have to reevaluate, but the idea of getting a CD/DVD-labelling system that don’t depend on sticky paper or INK-printers is sort of tempting.


Ok, thanks for the help, took a look at that Benq and the specs of the 1650 sound very good: SATA, 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD±RW, 4x DVD+R DL - but that was from the cdfreaks website and didn’t sound too certain, but if it was true I’d definitely be tempted to hold off until the end of the year cos that’s pretty much everything I want.

The lightscribe thing sounds interesting as well, but more of a bonus than a must-have.


That LightScribe technology looks very promising. Had forgot about it. I wonder how readily and expensive the media will be.