How long should Clonedvd take to transcode a movie



I own Shark Tale…I made a backup so my son does not destroy the orginial…I have seen posts of people stating it takes 15 min to convert the movie

it took 28min…another movie I did took like 15min but in general it takes 24-28min

I clone the dvd…not just the movie

MY setup:
A64 3200@2550
1gb ram
200 gb Seagate SATA drive


when you say total time, do you mean the time it takes just to encode the movie, or the whole time it takes, because if it includes the burning of the DVD’s then it will take much longer depending on media.


Just cloning the dvd…I usually dump the subtitles but nothing else…


The Optical Drive you are using to rip with will determine how fast CloneDVD rips the movie most drives are not fast rippers.


no not the ripping part …I use dvd decrypter…just the transcoding…movies is on the hDD…clone the entire 7-9gb to an iso and then burn…

transcoding takes 24-28min…burn 6-6:30 min with my BenQ 1620


This must be on your second rig?
I have a P4 2.4C oc’ed @ 3.01 with 1gig of mem… it takes anywhere from 19-21 min. counting the rip, transcode and burn…

I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD


No I have not updated my rigs…

My newest rig:
A64 939 3200@2550
Neo 2 Plat
1gb ram
liteon 163 dvdrom for ripping
BneQ 1620 for burning
BTW I rip to one HDD and write the .iso to another HDD and then burn

So I guess the conversion to an .iso is adding a few minutes…since I do not rip, transcode and burn with clonedvd…but burn the iso with nero
my intel setup now in my sons computer usually took 28-30 min…so the AMD is slightly faster…so I wonder if it is because I use dvd decrypter and not AnyDVD


I did not like DVD decryptor, due to the fact that sometimes it would screw up a vob once in a while. AnyDVD has worked like a charm for me.


I do all file only with DVDDcrypter. Once I get to CloneDVD it takes 5-11 minutes to process files before it burns depending on size and amount of shrinking. I use 2 drives and the temp file is on the second drive. This saves about 5 minutes.


Transcode time will increase with compression level. The average transcode time for a 2-hr movie at 80% video quality is around 39 min with CloneDVD (600 MHz PIII). If you are not compressing the movie, then the processing time should be close to the read speed of the DVD-ROM (usually 10 to 12 min for 2-hour DL movie).

Since you are copying the ENTIRE movie, your video quality should be 60%, plus or minus 5. I would expect about 25 min average with that setup.

If you must have speed, then use AnyDVD with Nero Recode. No need to rip with DVD Decrypter. You should be ready to burn in less than 20 min with this combo.


wow furballi…right on so I am getting the expected result…