How long should a computer be on?


I am new to this computer health thing so please help me :bow: . I know that some people would turn their computer on for days and not give it a rest so i was wondering what is the longest time that u could turn ur computer on for downloading but still keeps the computer in good condition :confused: ?

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I dont turn mine off but maybe once a month. But that is not restarts either. I restart for updates or new program installs.

I would maintain a good maitance schedule and keep the pc at a resonable temp.

BTW, this could have been in the newbie section :wink:

:confused: you mean people turn off their computer??? just kidding but in all honesty I i’m like RFjr …i just restart after updates…other than that…i’m on dsl…for 24/7 downloading something…all the time… :flower: like…uh paid for software and stuff…yeah thats it…paid for stuff… :iagree:

hides from the wrath of Womble…

same as the others, only off when restarting or hardware changes :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Of course! :iagree:

I turn it off every day. Not to keep it in a good condition, but for the electricity bill.

what u guys are telling me is that there is no harm done with the computer turned on for 24/7 :confused: ? At least isnt there a bit of harm and havent u guyz ever thought that ur computer might not be able to handel it and burn out :confused: .

I know this is a nubie question but i just wanta know more about the situation, foerive me if i am being a pain in the a$$ :bow:

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yeah, i should turn mine off to save some electricity - summer bill is approaching $200/month - but i leave them both on 24/7 except for necessary restarts…

if you keep the case well ventilated and the overall heat down and compress air away dust every once and a while, the PC should be fine…sure there’s some extra stress put on the components by having them running 24/7 but nothing to cut short the lifespan in a meaningful manner…

barring faulty hardware failures and/or improper maintenance, a PC should last until an upgrade to either newer/better parts or a whole new machine is purchased…even with the wear and tear of leaving one on 24/7…

electronics suffer the worst shock to the system when they are turned on. light bulbs nearly always blow when u turn them on. things die or pop when u turn them on. The solution to this is to not turn them off :slight_smile:

i don’t even restart for hardware changes… :disagree: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

i boot my pc after coming home from work, shutdown it before i go to bed.
on weekends i restart it after hours of playing for cleaning up ram :wink:

On almost 24/7 too - wid the trend :stuck_out_tongue: … no real difference, except less dust in fans etc. when it’s off

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Leave it on.

If you use quality products there’s no need to turn off your computer ever again.

Personally i have decided to use another method. I’ve been using several computers 24/7. Servers, websites, you name it. The electricity bill is huge.

So i’ve purchased an Asus 500g Deluxe Router; With some tweaking i can transform this baby into a nice little php enabled webserver/ftp server/webcam monitor/etc. Same functionality for just $80 and much less power consumption. Hopefully save some money in the end.

Mine stays on pretty much 24/7, I only power off when I am going to be gone for a few days. I turn off my monitor before going to bed, and have it set to auto power down after 20 minutes idle.

you all are wasting electric energy…
do you also let your car’s motor running only because you are going to drive maybe tomorrow?

I do the same as the above people…

Electricity isn’t as expensive as fuel (over a dollar a litre now), and cars can get worn out if left on for long periods.

well, i find electricity is pretty expensive right now.
and i’m not talking about the money you waste - it’s your money, you can spent it for whatever you want…
i don’t know if you just don’t WANT to understand what i’m trying to say… :rolleyes:

On in the morning, off before bed. Makes the most sense to me.

I only have a laptop, so it has to be off overnight otherwise I would fear for it overheating!